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Solidarity to all who seek Community Liberation & Freedom

The constant human rights abuse, economic dictatorship, and destruction of the ecology has inspired a long-term grass-roots campaign towards liberation. The organizations listed here are not necessarily affiliated with eachother nor do they share political orientation.

Inter-Communal Solidarity Committee (ICS) [link]

Qilombo Community Social Center [link]

M.E.ChX.A de CCSF [link]

L@s Autonomous Brown Berets of Sonoma County [link]

Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party (CC-BPP) [link]

Reverend Floyd D. Harris Jr. and his Ministry [link]

La Mesha Irizarry & the Idriss Stelley Foundation [link]

Black Rider Liberation Party (BRLP) - Oakland [link]

Labor, Black and Brown (LBB) solidarity organization [link]

National Brown Berets de Aztlan (Modesto, Califas chapter) [link]

Brown Berets of San Jose [link]

Brown Berets de SacrAztlan (Autonomous chapter) [link]

Fresno Brown Berets []

Califas Brown Berets [link]

Redwood Nation Earth First! [link]

ONYX Committee (Oakland) [link]

Racial Justice Allies (Sonoma County) [link]

Black Berets of San Jose [link]

Eastbay Solidarity Network [link]

Central Valley Coalition Against Police Violence [link]

Modesto Copwatch [link]

Young Workers United [link]

People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER) [link]

Modesto Solidarity [link]

Santa Cruz Solidarity [link]

Prisoners Literature Project [link]

Oakland "Stop the Injunction!" coalition [link]

Oscar Grant Committee against Police Brutality and State Repression (OGC) [link]

People’s Community Medics (PCM) [link]

D-Q University [link]

Caravan of Resistance against Police Brutality [link]

"4th International", it's tendencies, and other adherents of the teachings of Leon Trotsky [link]

People's Hearing on Racism & Police Violence [link]

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Defend the People! Solidarity with the "Huey P. Newton Self-Defense Militia" of Dallas, TX

"Huey P. Newton Self-Defense Militia, South Dallas"
2014-08-23 by Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency []

Thirty members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club marched through South Dallas armed with rifles, shotguns, and AR-15s this week. The group also entered a restaurant where the Dallas police were eating lunch. Among the chants of the armed protest were "justice for Michael Brown". Although the group was followed by undercover police, the protest took place without incident.
Michael Brown, 18, was an unarmed Black man who was shot and murdered by the Ferguson, Missouri police while his hands were in the air.
The Huey P. Newton Gun Club emphasizes that they are armed for self-defense. On their website they explain:
"Individuals across this nation have been stripped of due process, subjected to state-sponsored police terrorism, and continue to suffer the fate of being terminated extra-judicially.
'In Dallas the police have murdered over 70 unarmed individuals, most of the black and brown men, over the last ten years. Excluding a recent incident where police testimony was contradicted by surveillance footage, there have been no indictments since 1973.
'The people, who are gunned down and murdered by violent and militarized police forces, have formed the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, for the specifc purpose of self defense and community policing.'
The Revolutionary Tendency stands with the right of the Black community to self-defense. This was emphasized in the following article written a couple days after the police murder of Michael Brown. Since the following article was written, mass protests have spread to over 70 cities and they have continued for two weeks in Ferguson, despite heavy police repression and two protesters being shot with so-called "non-lethal" ammunition. In addition, as reported in the corporate media on August 22nd, the FBI is investigating the cyber attacks on the police that were promised by Anonymous and reported in this article.
Missouri: Direct Actions Challenge the Epidemic of Police Murders in the United States
by Steven Argue
Another unarmed man has been murdered by police. This time it was Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson Missouri. Michael Brown, a Black man, was about to begin college. According to a study of racial profiling in Ferguson, Black men are twice as likely as whites to be stopped by police.
Mayor James Knowles has urged people to "have faith in the process", but the people know better. Two days of rebellion and police abuse have ensued since the murder. Anonymous has threatened to take down government computers. Here is their statement.
Justice is extremely rare under America’s racist capitalist government. In the case of Rodney King, despite videotape showing the cops using enough force to kill a man, the police were acquitted in their first trial. In that case it took a mass six day uprising in 1992 that destroyed over a billion dollars in property to win a new trial for the criminal cops. In the subsequent trial, two cops, Koon and Powell, were found guilty. For a change, two brutal cops went to prison for their crimes. In addition, the 1992 uprising forced the resignation of LA’s Chief of Police. On a small scale, property was also redistributed through “looting”. Yet, the people paid a heavy price for this action with all kinds of repressive government forces mobilized in the streets including the Marines, 53 people were killed, around 2,000 people were injured, and nearly 20,000 people arrested. Yet, the destruction of a billion dollars in property was not without sense, because much of what was destroyed was owned by the ruling capitalist class, our oppressors and exploiters.
Another rare case where a small amount of justice was won was the case of Oscar Grant in Oakland California. Oscar Grant was clearly shown in video being handcuffed and executed by Oakland’s BART Police. Yet, to jail the guilty cop took a mass movement that included protests and a strike by the Oakland Longshore union (ILWU) shutting the Port of Oakland down. The killer of Oscar Grant got off easy with a conviction on a manslaughter charge, but the case was unusual in the fact that the cop did any time at all for his crime.
The true predators in America span from the politicians and judges who hold the highest positions of power all the way down to their badged minions and racist wannabes who patrol the streets, killing with impunity. They represent the wealthy capitalists who own America. Obviously, in capitalist America for those who hold power, the lives of young Black men are cheep. No protest, no strike, and no rebellion by itself will change these facts. To truly jail all of the criminals who are responsible and bring racial justice to America will take a proletarian revolution carried out by America’s multi-racial working class. That revolution must completely smash the capitalist state, at its heart the police, courts, prisons, and military to build new institutions based on racial equality and economic justice. Instead of destroying the property of the capitalists, our goal needs to be one of completely expropriating the entire capitalist class and using our ownership of the economy to guarantee everyone a job, housing, education, healthcare, security, and a clean environment through a new socialist economy based on human needs rather than profit. Building the kind of revolutionary party capable of leading such a revolution is a goal of the Revolutionary Tendency.
Justice for Michael Brown! Fight Police-State Terrorism!
For Armed Workers’ Self-Defense to Protect Ourselves, Our Families and Our Homes!
Towards a Revolutionary Party of the Multiracial Working Class!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Black August Solidarity Statement for Political Prisoners in California from BRLP

Black Rider Liberation Party (BRLP) [link]

“Black August Solidarity Statement for Political Prisoners: In Opposition to proposed CDCr Regulation change”, 2014-08-19 from E Da Ref, Minister of Public Relations of Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP)
The Black Riders Liberation Party’s Black Commune Program Article D states,
We Ride for Freedom of speech.”  
Freedom of speech is a God given right. It’s our right as a human being to have freedom of speech. The 1st amendment of the US constitution is supposed to give us the right to freedom of speech. When our human right of freedom of speech is violated, and voices of dissent are silenced; we must expose the contradiction of the constitution. We must expose the hypocrisy of this false democracy so the masses will understand the necessity for revolution.
On April 7th 2014, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, or better phrased [California Department of Concentration Camps and Repression] (CDCr) issued a Notice of Rule Change to Regulations sections 3006, 3134 and 3135. This measure is being pushed to prohibit, ban and disallow “Obscene Material” from entering or leaving these modern day concentration camps. The excuse the corrections officials use for such a crackdown is expressed in the following statement.

Subsection 3006 (C)(19) is adopted to establish that inmates shall not possess or have under their control written material or photographs that indicate an association with a validated member or associate of a Security Threat Group.
The true objective of this measure is to stifle the communication of political prisoners and prisoners of war to the outside world. These are torture tactics used to psychologically and sociologically isolate these brothers and sisters who are locked up in the confines of these concentration camps across California. This is fascism flexing its force out of fear of the effectiveness of the messages of motivation to mobilize the masses. The state doesn’t want the prisoners to have a voice. They don’t want them to have an ear, eye, or a mind. The aim of these imperialist institutions is to demoralize and dehumanize us to justify the further enslavement of the masses of Black people in particular, and oppressed people in general, through the Prison industrial complex.

Subsection 3378 (C) (8) (C)-(D) …to ensure the safety and security of the institutions by disallowing publications that indicate an association with groups that are oppositional  to authority and society
The term “oppositional to authority and society” is a commonly used in the white supremacist ideology and pseudo-science of Eugenics.  They diagnosed the rebellious African warriors who would dare resist slavery with psychological disorders/disease such as “Drapetomania” which describe in its symptoms, “a slave that was addicted to attempting escape and running away from the plantation.” Our enslaved ancestors were diagnosed with a disease for having the audacity to even dream of freedom! The modern day diagnosis for this behavior of not submitting to slavery and sub servitude is now known as, “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” [DSM IV] which symptoms include; “Actively refuses to comply with majority requests or consensus supported rules, blames others for his or her mistakes, spiteful or seeks revenge, argues often, and has no respect for authority”. So if you don’t conform to the status quo and you have an urge to change society and fight against tyranny and oppression, you most likely fall into these categories of psychological disorders/diseases. This evident white supremacist pseudo-science that dwells within the rules and regulations, laws and legislation of CDCr must be politically protested against, combated, and completely removed.
The emphasis of the term “indication of association with groups” also shows the fear of the fascist state. The historical aspect of the nature of these laws used to prevent social cohesion amongst inmates goes back to the chattel slavery days in the 1800s. Within the Black Codes or Slave codes in the 1800s there were laws that prohibited enslaved Africans from being in groups of 3 or more in areas that were not in the open or during sundown. They were banned from playing the drums together or even speak in native tongue to each other. These laws were implemented and enforced to prevent communication or social interaction amongst enslaved Africans out of fear that our ancestors would organize insurrections and rebellions. It’s the same thing as the modern day the Gang Injunctions, and it is the same thing as the categorizing and validating of political prisoners and prisoners of war with real revolutionary potential as associates members of a “Security Threat Group”
This measure is being pushed through several California state institutional departments such as; California Code of Regulations Title 15, Crime Prevention and Corrections Division 3, Rules and Regulations of Adult Institutions, Programs and Parole Department, and Corrections. One of the main culprits behind pushing this measure is the Director of the Adult Institution Division of the CDCr, Michael Steiner.

The CDCr has already made the first step toward banning Revolutionary Literature by developing a “Centralized List of Disapproved Publications”. Any publication on that list that is considers obscene material by the Division of Adult Institutions can be permanently banned from any California prison if this regulation change is approved.  (Look up Subsection 3134.1)
Publications like Turning The Tide (which has many articles by and about The Black Riders Liberation Party), SF Bayview , (which was banned from Pelican Bay from January-June except for on February Black History Month) PHSS News, Rock, Abolitionist, Prison Legal News, The Final Call and etc. all have highly radical political content that might fit into the category of “Obscene Material”
Comrade Mutope Duguma of the Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement, who played a major role in the Prisoner Hunger Strike July 2013; explains in a few recently published articles in the SF Bayview National Black Newspaper that the regulation changes not only violates their 1st Amendment Constitutional Right but it also violates the California Code of Regulations (CRC) Title 15 section 313.5b:  Disagreement with senders or receivers morals, values, attitudes, and choice of words will NOT be cause for correctional staff to disallow mail. Correctional staff shall NOT challenge or confront the sender or receiver with such value judgments.
Basically, The CDCr is trying to pass measures that restrict any prisoners from speaking out to the public, in retaliation for the success of the Prisoner Hunger Strike that happen around this time last year (July 2013).
Any writings or imagery that speaks out against the torture of prisoners and the inhumane conditions of these facilities is considered a threat to their safety and security, so any publications that’s too politically charged and challenges the status quo will be banned and rejected from these correctional facilities.
How does this affect people who aren’t incarcerated? This is where our tax dollars are going. This is why our local schools, parks and recreational facilities, libraries, social programs, food stamps, medical clinics, Senior care programs are so underfunded; because the California state government rather spend our money on the prison plantation to make more profit. You may have a loved one who is incarcerated who’s right to freedom of speech is being violated and communication to the broad masses to tell his/her story is restricted. Now what are we gonna do about it?

On June 17, 2014 the hearing for this regulation change was held in Sacramento. There is a lot of support of solidarity for our comrades locked inside. Many people are in opposition of this change of rules and regulation change including attorney Leila Knox of Bryan Cave LLP. (One of the world’s largest law firms)
 A change in the legislature will not liberate our comrades locked in these concentration camps. This message is not made to encourage the people to push for reform in the correctional institutions rules and regulation nor do we expect this system to live up to what it claims to be. This message is to raise the political consciousness of the masses, so the people can see how fascism works and see that it must be combatted by any means necessary to bring about the complete, constructive, change of our society! When it comes to this modern day slavery known as the prison industrial complex, The Black Riders Liberation Party’s demand in The Black Commune Program Article E:

Contact PP/POW and Human Rights Activist; Mutupe Duguma s/n James Crawford;

Our Main Theoretician, The Feild Marshall of the OG Black Panthers George Jackson teaches us, "The resistence inside (prisons) will only be successfu,l if is supported by the people in the streets"

CDCr Notice of Regulation change PDF []

CDCr Notice of Proposed Regulations PDF []

CDCr Text of Proposed Regulations PDF []

Friday, August 8, 2014

Qilombo space in Oakland is attacked by influential White anarchists who are intending on disrupting Qilombo's reputation and outreach to allies

The purpose of the attack is to provoke a response, and to divide the community liberation movement from allies... the main instigator of the attack is the well-known "post-left" (that is anti-left) anarchist Lawrence Jarach, and his target are the white anarchists who read his magazine and articles, and his purpose is to show his white audience "how scary Black people are"...

"Announcing the Opening of the Qilombo Community Social Center" 
posted 2014-04-07 to "" []:
In January of 2014, the Holdout temporarily closed its doors to do some serious cleaning. Now that the space has gone through several transitions, it’s time to reopen as a radical social center that supports community in struggle–with new energy and a new name.
From the Kimbundu word kilombo, the original quilombos were maroon societies founded by African people in Brazil and throughout South America between the 16th and 19th centuries. Most inhabitants of the quilombos were Africans escaping the trans-atlantic slave trade, but included indigenous people from local regions and other marginalized people fleeing European colonization. These autonomous zones provided land, shelter, and safety for those fighting to protect themselves from colonial enslavement and genocide. Resistance meant survival.
In this spirit of inter-communal solidarity, we invite you to join us in struggle! The Qilombo community social center is a place of intersection for Anarchists, other revolutionaries for liberation and folks from our neighborhood.
We have meeting and event space, a bookstore, a bike workshop, a free store, a pool table, a printing studio, and free use computers. A mutual-aid food distribution that offers free, nutritious groceries every Sunday. The HEPPAC collective that provides a needle exchange Friday mornings. We also host regularly occurring skillshares in Swahili and Chinese Martial Arts, an Anarchist/Autonomous Person of Color reading group, the Educate to Liberate workshop series, a prisoner letter writing night, and more! We are seeking new volunteers and new proposals for workshops and events, hit us up! These events are open to the public and are free or donation based.
Our bookstore specializes in radical books that are relevant to our communities. We have an excellent selection of books on African liberation, Anarchism, revolutionary movements, critical theory, a choice selection of zines, and some excellent fiction. Come by and read a book, or buy one that you’d like to take home.
We offer instruction on basic bike maintenance and repair. If you need help fixing up your bike or are interested in building one yourself, stop by the bike workshop.
As we begin this new stage of struggle, we are asking for the support of comrades from all over the world by becoming Friends of Qilombo and making a one time or recurring donation.
If you have any questions, would like to be added to our announcement list, or would like to host a class, meeting or an event, please email or visit
In Solidarity,
[signed] Qilombo
[end article]

Comments to the posted announcement from Qilombo included now erased postings by Lawrence Jarach attacking the Qilombo space and its members. In response, a Qilombo supporter initiated a forum discussion:
[begin forum discussion]
Posted April 8th, 2014,
For all the folks talking a BIG TALK in absolute or even support of Lawrence, a few things:
1. Why are you conflating autonomous actions of individuals who have some form of assumed affiliation with a physical space, with the physical space itself? Is it too difficult to talk about the actions of those individuals without having to assign them to some form of "team" dynamic? Folks speak for themselves and no one else, or at least real autonomous folks do.
2. Why is it assumed folks here that knock Lawrence are part of "Qilombo"? Again with this teaming thing. Ya'll are setting up false competitive shit, which reeks of white male patriarchy. You're a joke.
3. Folks should take a trip to Qilombo and see what's going on there, because all the assumptions being spread around about the space and the people who volunteer and put in work there are pretty funny, given its all shit folks appear to be pulling straight out of their asses. Don't knock something you know nothing about, it just makes you look foolish and childish. But the ignorant lulz have been quite entertaining.
SERIOUSLY, VISIT QILOMBO AND DELIVER THESE CRITIQUES FACE TO FACE. If ya'll aren't down for that, nothing you say here will ever matter to anyone. Ever.
Response from Qilombo hater #1, posted April 8th, 2014:
Why are you assuming all the people here knocking Lawrence are part of Qilombo, says the person from Qilombo. Lol. You folks are so transparently disingenuous. The fact that you've doubled down after the fact and continue to put out patently false distortions about what happened means that you've guaranteed your own irrelevance. Y'all suck and everyone knows it now.
Reply from Qilombo supporter:
Not "from" Qilombo, simply supporting the space. Is everyone who voices support for the space automatically a part of it? Again, with this teaming thing - what is that?
Follow-up from Qilombo hater, posted April 8th, 2014:
Well you see there is this little thing called responsibility. Yes folks are not 'guilty' by association (thank you Captain obvious), yet the secretive nature of these kinds of actions damages trust. Yes the team critique is sometimes relevant (again, thank you Captain obvious). But in the absence of any public statements confirming or denying involvement, faulting anarchists for wanting to com together in support of one another when up against certain unknown aspects of this harassment is absurd. You wanna support the space, fine then help bring about public transparency and accountability. Until then people may have a hard time trusting those associated with it.
Response from Qilombo hater #2, posted April 8th, 2014:
Wow! Did Qilombo just admit to engineering the plot against Lawrence? Guilty conscience maybe?
Response from Qilombo hater #3, posted April 8th, 2014:
You stole someone else's space instead of creating your own. Everyone knows what happened. Don't expect the red carpet to be rolled out for you.
Posted May 2nd, 2014 by Sir Einzige:
nationalism is nationalism -
These cancerous strains of latent 1968 based Marxism are truly preventing anarchism from at least repeaking with its 1886-1911 hights. Why aren't the quildumbos and other colored nationalists treated like the BANAs. Libertarian logic right now is the dominant current around the post 89 radical world. Let's detox and cleanse the last of the Marxist post-WW2 toxins. Only then will anarchism be fully healthy again.
Commenting on the Qilombo announcement at "", "Bob Black" posted the following April 7th, 2014:
[begin comment]
In January of 2014, the Holdout temporarily closed its doors to do some serious ethnic cleansing. Now that the space has gone through several ethno-political transitions, it’s time to reopen as a pseudo-radical social center that supports community in struggle–with new energy and a new name.
Even though we lifted the following straight outta the White Supremacist Wikipedia, we are still suffering from enough internalized racism to feel fine about that, especially since we have no real skill at scholarship. Here you go: From the Kimbundu word kilombo, the original quilombos were maroon societies {yeah, we know that it's problematic to impose the name of one kind of cultural phenomenon onto that from another culture, but hey, what's a little cultural colonialism among friends?} founded by African people in Brazil {through some small-scale colonialism by expropriating the lands of the newly powerless indigenous people} and throughout South America between the 16th and 19th centuries. Most inhabitants of the quilombos were Africans escaping the trans-atlantic slave trade, but included indigenous people {newly dispossessed, but still generous enough to teach the African sub-colonists about the local flora and fauna} from local regions and other marginalized people fleeing European colonization. These autonomous zones provided land, shelter, and safety for those fighting to protect themselves from colonial enslavement and genocide. Resistance meant survival.
In this spirit of inter-communal solidarity, we invite you to join us in struggle, but only if you agree with us 100%! The Qilombo community social center is a place of intersection for Anarchists, other revolutionaries for liberation and folks from our neighborhood, like the crack dealers and bicycle thieves.
We have meeting and event space for conducting illicit transactions of all kinds, a bookstore for browsing only - reading is for White Supremacists, a bike workshop to help you dismantle the recently lifted bikes and build new ones with the parts so they can't be identified by their previous White Supremacist owners, a free store, a pool table for small-time hustling, a printing studio that we will never use, and free use computers for arranging the meetings in our underground economy rooms. A mutual-aid food distribution that offers free, nutritious groceries every Sunday from dumpsters the White Supremacists found, but which we forced them to give up. The HEPPAC collective that provides a needle exchange Friday mornings for those of you whose drug tastes are more pedestrian. We also host regularly occurring skillshares in Swahili {imposed as the official language of the colonial administrators of Tanganyika, imposed as the non-native language of thousands of other Africans unlucky enough to live in Kenya, the DRC, and Tanzania} and Chinese Martial Arts {but certainly nothing associated with the historic Quilombos}, an Anarchist/Autonomous Person of Color reading group with no texts by anarchists, the Educate to Liberate workshop series, a prisoner letter writing night, and more! We are seeking new volunteers and new proposals for workshops and events, hit us up! These events are open to the public and are free or donation based.
Our bookstore specializes in radical books that are relevant to our communities. We have an excellent selection of books on African liberation by Marxist-Leninists, Anarchism by non-anarchists, revolutionary movements that are not revolutionary, critical theory that isn't critical, a choice selection of zines by and for the functionally illiterate, and some excellent fiction {all of the above}. Come by and read a book if you can, but don't ask us to help, because we can barely read ourselves, or pretend to buy one that you’d like to take home.
We offer instruction on basic {post-lifting} bike maintenance and repair. If you need help fixing up your bike or are interested in building one yourself to make it unrecognizable to the White Supremacist you took it from, stop by the bike workshop.
As we begin this new stage of struggle, we are asking for the support of comrades from all over the world by becoming Friends of Qilombo and making a one time or recurring donation, because we expelled all the White Supremacists who had the money to pay the Holdout's rent.
If you have any questions, would like to be added to our announcement list, or would like to host a class, meeting or an event, please email or visit
[end comment]

"Bob Black" also posted a document (re-posted in it's entirey below) in the comments (May 2nd, 2014) to the Qilombo announcement at "", which received the following responses:
[begin comments to document by "Bob Black"]
Posted May 2nd:
Hey Bob, two things,
1) Does this appear as an article anywhere? It seems like it would be more suitable for reading framed as an article than as a really long comment on a comment string from several weeks ago on a website where the comments are notoriously crappy.
2) Why do you repeatedly bring up Ramsey's immigration status? I'm inquiring genuinely. What do anarchists care what someone's immigration status is? I actually think you raise good points in several respects but bringing this up actually undermines your point. Can you explain why you think this is important and relevant to your essay here?
Posted May 2nd by Sgt. Snitch:
I'm afraid you raise a good point. Only the State cares about someone's immigration status. And so continuing to carp about Ramsey's status threatens to give the game away, i.e., that Bob Black is on our payroll. This is one of the reasons we have used him so sparingly recently. He just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.
Posted May 2nd:
Also what kind of anarchist uses the term 'negro' to describe black people?
[end comments to document by "Bob Black"]

"Bob Black" is well known among self-identified anarchists and has an extreme amount of resources and ability to project his opinions. He issued a document which uses a host of racial slurs and made libelous and threatening statements toward the Qilombo social center and its individual membership. The document was briefly posted on and, but was taken down soon afterwards by both newswires, then made a brief appearance on anokchan, but was taken down, and the document almost seemed to have been wiped from the internet...
"Bob Black" is regarded as The Architect of the "Post-Left Anarchist" persuasion popular among White anarchists in the USA, which rejects organizing the working class and the lumpenproletariat, and which rejects the cultural context of captive nations in the USA.

[begin article]
"No More Water, The FIRE Next Time!" 
2014-04-29 by Bob Black, posted at [] [], and []:
Bob Black's open letter taking to task AJODA's Open Letter decrying attack by Qilombo.
The latest – I dare to hope, the last — Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair (Marxist-Opportunist) took place on March 22, 2014, in Oakland, at “The Crucible.” This long-running event was previously the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair, until high rents forced it to relocate to the East Bay. Its ostensible sponsor is the Bound Together, nominally-anarchist bookstore in Haight-Ashbury. Traditionally, Bound Together fronted for AK Press, supposedly a collective, which was founded, funded, and dominated by a foreign businessman named Ramsey Kanaan whose immigration status remains mysterious. When, after a few years, the AK Press collective came to be not in complete agreement with Kanaan about policy, he left and founded, funded, and dominated, PM Press, which, to the outside observer, is, in its publishing decisions, indistinguishable from AK Press. I don’t know which publisher now controls this Bookfair. This is one of many things which the victims of the recent outrage at the Bookfair probably know, but which they do not disclose. But it is unmistakably under the control of anarcho-leftists who are far more leftist than anarchist, and who only grudgingly allow post-left anarchists to table.
Several post-left anarchist projects are active in the East Bay: C.A.L. Press; Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed [AJODA]; and LBC Books/Distribution. They were at the Bookfair. Their publications and distribution have challenged AK Press and PM Press both politically and commercially. The Bookfair management (which does not identify itself) would really rather that these anarchists weren’t there, but, it can’t think of any reason to refuse their being there. It can, however, quietly encourage terrorist actions to get rid of the real anarchists.
At the end of this Bookfair (close to 6:00 PM), a mob of Politically Correct vandals – according to the tablers (John, Lisa and Lawrence), a dozen goons – launched a surprise attack on the table shared by C.A.L. Press and Anarchy Magazine. The thugs, as they screamed threats, poured water all over the table, destroying many books and magazines – including copies of at least one of my books! there will be retaliation for this! And I will send them a bill! The people at the table, surprised and heavily outnumbered, cannot be blamed for not fighting back. But the bystanders can be blamed. But, they can be blamed – as I shall go on to do – for covering up for the thugs, and for not telling what they know about the background to this story, and for not publicly identifying those involved.
I strongly protest the complete cover-up of who did this, and why. Even I, from afar, with scant help from the victims, can relate more about this incident than its victims have made public – and even more than they have privately related. I strongly object to the failure of the victims’ “Open Letter to Bay Area Anarchists” to explain the back story to this attentat. It can’t be justified, but it can be explained.
Once upon a time, in some anarchist context which (once again) I don’t know about, Lawrence Jarach got into an argument with some black anarchist about the Anarchist Persons of Colors’ practice of collaboration with reactionary black churches. He reportedly said something like, “we should burn the black churches, and the white churches too.” I hardly need to say – or do I? – that Christian churches have historically been the allies of the state and the enemies of anarchists. That is why the great classical anarchists, such as Proudhon, Stirner, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Tucker, Malatesta, Goldman, etc. have been, not only anti-clerical, but anti-religious too. That is why, in the early period of the Spanish Revolution, the anarchists burned hundreds of churches, and put the others to better uses. The APOCs’ know nothing of this, as they know nothing about anarchist history, and as they know nothing about anarchism, and as they are not anarchists. A pox on APOCs!
Something else they know nothing about is what they scream about there not being: racial equality. To advocate the burning of all churches, black and white, as Lawrence did, for them means that Lawrence is a “white supremacist.” Racial equality is racist. Only whites can be racist. All you have to do is, if you are white, ride public buses in the lower-income areas of American cities, as I have done thousands of times, to find out otherwise.
But all that the “Open Letter to Bay Area Anarchists” (signed by Lawrence, John [Henri Nolette], and Lisa [L.D. Hobson] – the members of the Anarchy Magazine editorial/production group) says about this is, basically that in ostensibly anarchist “spaces,” such intimidation, bullying, etc., should not be tolerated. Let’s be warm and fuzzy! Let’s be very California! Let’s make nice! But some people are not nice. These thugs are not nice. And, for the record, neither am I. I am very not nice to people who are not nice. And my not-niceness is not limited to verbal unpleasantries. Nor am I forgiving. Water on my books isn’t water under the bridge: not now, not ever. Certain faces will also be watered – with tears.
I’m not saying that – although I’ve sat at that table twice – I would have responded more violently. At my age (63), I probably shouldn’t have. But I think I would have got into it anyway. And if two or three other people had joined me, I’m sure that I would have, and we would have, kicked some ass. All bullies are cowards. If it that got messy, that would probably have been the end of this Bookfair, and that would be a good thing. But I appreciate that the people at the table, outnumbered and caught by surprise, understandably didn’t fight back. But why is the back story a privately circulated secret? Especially since it has been so much gossiped about?
However, the anarcho-racists’ antagonism to Lawrence, even aside from its being irrational and anti-anarchist, does have a back story. The victims have concealed this, except for saying that this was done to them by “people associated with” Qilombo. They do not publicly identify the individuals involved. But privately, one of them has identified, as the ringleader, somebody calling himself “Hannibal Shakur.” I am sure that this is not the name under which he collects his welfare checks. However, he was one of the speakers on the anarcho-racist panel at the end of the Bookfair. I had to find this out by Googling. It’s obvious that at the end of the racist panel, Hannibal and his entourage just went over and trashed the CAL Press/AJODA table, although, no CAL Press publication, and no issue of AJODA has ever said anything against black racist pseudo-anarchism – an oversight, perhaps. It’s not just a cause for complaint that the thugs “were not asked to leave the bookfair” – they were its invited guests. This was an inside job. Imagine what would have happened to me if I watered the tables of AK Press, PM Press and See Sharp Press!
The “Open Letter to Bay Area Anarchists” should be circulated more widely than to Bay Area anarchists (who are mostly feckless). It should go to every group which tabled at the Bookfair. But it needs revision. The hmuliating offer to “mediate,” which was anyway predictably ignored, should be deleted. There should be a call to boycott the Bookfair until it publicly repudiates the “Qilombo” mob (which can’t even spell correctly!), and bans their future presence and participation, and financially compensates CAL Press and AJODA for their losses. Why should they pay? Because they are liable, at least for negligence, more likely for recklessness (consciously ignoring what they should have expected to happen), or even for authorizing the attentat. They are guilty until proven innocent.
In the “Open Letter,” the victims say about the thugs that they are “not actually their enemies.” Why not? You may not be their enemies – although you should be – but they are your enemies. It’s okay to be the enemies of anybody, even Persons of Color, if they are Negro Nazis. And it’s stupid not to be. I am literally, physically nauseated by the way the victims are covering up for their oppressors. I want to know names, and addresses, and phone numbers. I want to know where they work, in the unlikely event that they do, and where they go to school. Their employers (or their professors) should be identified and informed. It might be useful to obtain, and circulate, their criminal records. And I want to know (as I have heard conflicting versions) the race of these racists because they played the race card. Why not send a demand to the “black churches” on whose behalf this all supposedly happened to repudiate the action? If they don’t, they indeed deserve to be burned. You could send the demand to the white churches too. That’s racial equality. Burn, baby, burn!
In the words of that eloquent Negro slave song (alluding to the Flood and to the Last Judgment): “No more water, the fire next time!” First water; then fire.
The back story on Qilombo itself should be told, not just hinted at in private E-mails. This was apparently originally a punk anarchist type infoshop which, once it got going, was taken over by black militants, as recently as January. Its website states: “In January of 2014, the Holdout temporarily closed its doors to do some serious cleaning.” Yes: ethnic cleansing, It is not as if what happened at the Bookfair came out of nowhere. It came out of this vipers’ nest, at 2313 San Pablo Avenue. Who’s the landlord? Are these desirable tenants? It sounds like a soft target, much easier to trash than a table at a bookfair with hundreds of people around, even though those people were sheep. Two or three people with a car could do the trick. The Black Bloc could deal with these black blockheads. Out of town activists could do the job (I can think of some people who might be interested – one guy in particular), to whom blame could be assigned (“outside agitators”). I offer to my Bay Area friends, plausible deniability. And nobody will be extradited for the crime of trashing a Negro anarchist pesthole, although the police will regret the loss of their agent provocateurs. (Isn’t this an obvious possibility?) I wonder if Qilombo is also a weapons arsenal and a crackhouse.
From hints and scraps, I suspect that what happened at the Bookfair goes back to what happened at Occupy Oakland. This was one of the largest, and clearly the most radical of the Occupy actions. I have no doubt that every effort was made to involve all activists and all communities in Oakland. The later interlopers had every opportunity to get in at the beginning and shape the development of the project. But they didn’t. They put in no effort. They took no risks. But when Occupy Oakland got going, and got a lot of publicity, then these lazy POC opportunists butted in with their irrelevant, absurd “Decolonize” demands – as if Occupy was colonizing anything. That takeover attempt failed. But the pattern of parasitism continues. Were the Qilombo louts the Decolonize Occupy louts? I’m going to assume that they were, unless I see evidence to the contrary. Heah come de judge – Judge Dredd!
And what solidarity have Bay Area anarchists provided, since the “Open Letter” was circulated? None, unless the victims are turning this into yet another secret. On Facebook, a prominent East Bay post-left anarchist chieftain has dismissed the outrage as “drama.” Instead of taking action, he plays Kriegspiel. Several years ago, I discussed, with this same notable, my having been run out of the Bay Area in 1985 by leftist thugs. He assured me that such a thing could never happen again (if I returned), because then I had no defenders, but now I had allies to defend my back. Ever since I was driven away, I wanted to return. I liked living there better than anywhere I’ve lived before or since. The first time I visited, publicly, I tabled, at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair, with CAL Press/Anarchy Magazine. Because there had been threats, it was made clear to the Bookfair managers that any violence offered to me would have serious consequences. I was even provided with a bodyguard! And so my enemies (white leftists of the Processed World stripe) didn’t attempt anything. They too are, like the Qilombo bullies, like all bullies, cowards.
I no longer want to live in the Bay Area. I was moving toward this decision already, but this Bookfair outrage was decisive. I’ve observed the astounding rise in rents and in the cost of living, which has already forced all of my friends out of San Francisco (where I lived for four years) to the East Bay (where I lived for three years). Now the East Bay is becoming economically impossible, except for those of my friends who are so fortunate as to own houses. I see no way I could live there without sacrificing too much of my small income to housing. I was thinking about doing that anyway. Not now. If I have some friends in the Bay Area, I still have enemies too. The friends are not as reliable as the enemies. If I am assailed, my friends will dismiss my difficulties as “drama.” Since they don’t even defend themselves, or each other, they won’t defend me. And I am less than ever able to defend myself all by myself.
This announcement will delight my enemies, and it will probably also come as a relief to most of my “friends.” I am equally indifferent to both reactions. The enemies, however, might want to consider that, if I’m not local, I can strike at them and they can’t strike back. As for the friends, my respect for them has greatly declined.
I expect that, as a result of circulating this statement as widely as possible, the result will be absolutely nothing.
[signed] Bob Black, April 28, 2014
(photo) Bob Black: Post-Left Anarchism

Comments to the "Bob Black" article, at [] -
Melissa (Shakes), posted August 8th, 2014:
I was directed to this page by Sir Einzige who had a serious problem with an open letter I wrote. I’d like to correct somethings written about The Holdout (which is now Qilombo). The Holdout was not originally a punk anarchist infoshop. The folks who started the holdout were, for the most part, not punks at all. They were anarchists and anti-authoritarians. The original intention for the space was to have an anti-racist, anti-sexist, non-homophobic, non-transphobic, anti-authoritarian gathering and community space. It was not intended to be like the Long Haul. Many collectives reside inside of that space, however those with the most say happened to be white and had more time and means at their disposal.
Black militants did not take over the space. Control of day to day operations and re-organization happened after a series open community meetings to determine the fate of the space. I co-facilitated 5 of those meetings and attended the rest of them. After a year of the Holdout being in effect there were still large issues with sexism and racism within the space and many things had gone unchecked, which necessitated a re-structuring. Many folks originally involved with the project ARE STILL THERE, white folks and Black folks alike.
Arjun, posted August 5th, 2014:
Wow. Amusing writing style, but that’s about the only redeeming quality of this piece. Did Mr. Black really think it is appropriate to use the rhetoric of racist Republicans when describing the people he opposes, in his references to “crack houses”, “welfare checks”, etc? This piece was a fascinating insight into somebody who clearly has some rather disgusting views.
[end comments]

The following article is just a hit piece against Qilombo. The author writes things like "That they haven’t openly taken responsibility for their thuggish behavior to, in effect, purge Jarach". How could they purge somebody who isn't even a member of a Qilombo project?
[begin article]
"Anarchist purges anarchist, no news at 11"by "Lefty Hooligan", originally published in the “What’s Left?” column at "Maximum Rock and Roll" magazine #375 and posted online at []:
It’s an infamous MRR cover. Number 130, March 1994. Tim Yo designed it, although I don’t remember who put it together. A slew of Marvel Comic style action figure characters surround the headline “Superheroes of the Underground??” A bald buff super skinhead labeled Hawdkaw Man, further marked with A.F. for Agnostic Front, growls: “I stomp da pussies wit an attitude as big as my 20 eyelet Docs!!” Str8 Edge Man, a caped Superman clone with Shelter on his chest, proclaims: “I convert the hostile flocks with a 1-2 punch of Religion & Republicanism!” Pop Man, aka Green Day, reveals: “I lull my opponents into complacency with dippy love songs!” And the snark continues with snide remarks from Metal Man (The Melvins), Emo Man (Still Life), Vegan Man (Profane Existence), Grunge Man (Nirvana), and Arty Farty Man (sporting an Alternative Tentacles logo).
Tim put this cover together for the issue in which he announced MRR’s Great Purge, in which Tim proclaimed that nothing but the most primitive, the most basic, the most raw rock and roll would be deemed punk. That’s how punk rock began in the mid-to-late 70s; two or at most three chords, distorted and undifferentiated, loud and fast. Ignoring the debate over whether punk first began in the UK or USA, and disregarding whether it was the Ramones or the Sex Pistols that started punk, punk did not remain primal or simple or crude for long. Musicians brought their histories and influences to the music, the music cross-pollinated and hybridized with other music, and both the music and the musicians got more sophisticated with time. By 1993, punk was a welter of styles, categories and scenes. And by the end of 1993, Tim had decided to purge punk rock down to its roots and to restrict the magazine he ran, MRR, to this limited musical content.
I’ve described when Tim Yo announced the firing of Jeff Bale at a year end General Meeting in December of 1993. I’ve called that the Great Purge when, in fact, the most contentious agenda item at that meeting for most of the shitworkers present was Tim’s decision to severely curtail the kind of music MRR considered reviewable as punk. And Tim’s Great Purge was indeed two-fold—firing Jeff Bale and purging punk music. Tim was by no means a raving Maoist when he ran MRR, but he’d had his political upbringing in the New Communist Movement of the 1970s. I remember Tim discussing afterwards his strategy going into the December 1993 meeting, and I’ll liberally paraphrase it from a previous column: “I combined an attack on the right with an attack on the left. I cut down the stuff we would review as punk, knowing that Jeff would be one hundred percent behind my decision. At the same meeting I took out Jeff. I played the right and the left against each other, just like Stalin did.”
That Tim Yo might have been involved with the RCP at one time, or admired Stalin, or even sometimes ran MRR as Mao might are such a small part of what the man was or what he did. But it does help me to segue into my broader subject. While it is hard to apologize for Tim’s overtly authoritarian tendencies, it isn’t hard to admire his appreciation for punk rock’s musical purity. The urge to purify, the impetus to purge an individual, organization, art form, culture, politics, or society of incorrectness, error, impurity, deviance, corruption, decadence, or evil; that’s what I’m talking about here. For a recent and particularly insidious example of this, lets turn to anarchist politics in the San Francisco Bay Area and the efforts of identity anarchists to purge post-left anarchists.
I have little sympathy for either of the two tendencies acting out this sordid drama. Post-left anarchism categorically rejects the Left, from the social democracy and Marxism-Leninism of the Old Left to the Maoism and Third Worldism of the New Communist Movement that devolved from the New Left, as well as any anarchism that is in the least bit influenced by the Left. This is not merely a refusal of the Left’s ideological content, but of its organizational forms as well, from meetings run by Robert’s Rules of Order to various kinds of party-building. But nothing unites post-left anarchism beyond this negation, leaving a disparate gaggle of personalities in Hakim Bey (ontological anarchy/TAZ), Bob Black (abolition of work), John Zerzan (primitivism), Wolfi Landstreicher (Stirnerite egoism), et al, to frivolously romp through post-left anarchism’s vacuous playground. In contrast, identity anarchism is all about a positive if problematic relationship with the Left, from its ideological borrowings from Marxism-Leninism (imperialism, colonialism, etc.) to its lineage on the Left (via the quasi-Maoist Black Panther Party). The lame debates within the heavily Maoist New Communist Movement regarding the staid National Question contributed to the formulation of a “white skin privilege” theory (by way of Sojourner Truth/Noel Ignatiev) which, when suitably tweaked by proponents of “male privilege,” conjugated a critique of patriarchal white supremacy fully embraced by identity anarchism. Thus, identity anarchism’s embrace of Panther anarchism (of Alston, Ervin, Balagoon, Barrow, Jackson, N’Zinga, White, Sostre, following the BPP’s demise) seems almost an afterthought, offering no serious counterweight to the Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and Third Worldism it enthusiastically embraces.
I will use post-left anarchism and identity anarchism in the remainder of this column as convenient shorthand for generic categories, which means I will also overly simplify who belongs to what camp.
Post-left anarchism has a decent presence in the East Bay through Anarchy, a Journal of Desire Armed, the annual BASTARD conference, and the Anarchist Study Group. The Study Group has been meeting weekly at the Long Haul in Berkeley for over a decade. It is structured through reading and discussing agreed-upon texts, publicly advertises locally and online, and is open to anyone to attend. At the beginning of 2013, the Study Group embarked on several months of investigation into Maoism, focusing on the New Communist Movement, reading primary documents related to the RCP, MIM, the BPP, STORM, and a plethora of alphabet soup Maoist organizations. Needless to say, these post-left anarchists were highly critical of the NCM and Maoism. Aragorn! went so far as to publish a lengthy criticism on his self-titled blog based on their studies in mid-March.
A group of identity anarchists “intervened” during a regular Tuesday night Long Haul Anarchist Study Group meeting sometime after that blog post. Hannibal Shakur, an activist in Occupy Oakland’s Decolonization tendency who is fighting vandalism charges after participation in the Trayvon Martin riots, was prominent in the newly organized Qilombo Social Center in Oakland. He and his crew attended the Study Group meeting, it seems not merely to dispute their post-left anarchist critique of Maoism, the NCM and the BPP, but also to challenge their right to pursue such independent study at all. The identity anarchists harassed and harangued the post-left anarchists, and in the heat of the argument between the two sides, post-left anarchist Lawrence Jarach made a categorical statement so typical of orthodox anarchism. To paraphrase, Jarach contended that: “All churches must be burned to the ground.” An identity anarchist demanded: “But what about the black churches?” To which Jarach responded: “The black churches must be burned … all churches must be burned.” The disagreements only got nastier from there, with open acrimony escalating into implied threat.
(Photo showing Lawrence Jarach, 2010)

At some point, passionate ideological disagreement turned into calculated sectarian purge. The annual San Francisco Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair set up operations at the Crucible in Oakland on May 22, 2014. The one-day bookfair gathered a multitude of anarchist tendencies, among them the AJODA/CAL Press vendor table and the Qilombo Center table. An “attack initiated by three people (and about ten supporters) from Qilombo began around 3:40pm when I was cornered near the restroom,” reported Lawrence Jarach, “and continued after I walked back to the CAL Press/Anarchy magazine vendor table, ending at around 4 when we decided to leave.” AJODA has since issued an Open Letter to Bay Area Anarchists protesting the Qilombo assault as well as the general anarchist apathy toward this successful purge. Those associated with the attack on Jarach in turn have communicated the following: “Qilombo was not involved in the altercation you mention that took place at the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, and the space has no comment on the matter. Lawrence Jarach came by the Qilombo table and antagonized a few of our volunteers, so those volunteers took it upon themselves as autonomous individuals to call him out for something that occurred at an another venue, at another point in time, and requested that he leave the bookfair. If you would like more details, you will need to reach out to the actual parties involved.”
Tim Yo would have called this final evasion candy-assed.
Last column, I mentioned the feminist “intervention” at the May 9-11, 2014 Portland, Oregon Law & Disorder Conference and the increasingly acrimonious debate between Kristian Williams and the organizers of the event Patriarchy and the Movement, over the tactics of individuals and groups professing identity politics within larger leftist political circles. That the victims of patriarchal sexism and violence and their defenders are so outspoken in speech and print about the need to purge the perpetrators from The Movement only underscores the clarity of their actions. I suspect that, amongst themselves, Shakur and his identity anarchist/Qilombo brigade have summarily convicted Jarach of racism, exercising his white skin privilege, and supporting white supremacy in insisting purely on principle that all churches need to be burned down, even the black ones. Yet they won’t publicly cop to running him out of the anarchist bookfair for such reasons. That they haven’t openly taken responsibility for their thuggish behavior to, in effect, purge Jarach and AJODA from the Movement is low, even for Maoism masquerading as anarchism.
These concerted efforts to purge people from The Movement based on their ideology, or their behavior, are the self-righteous acts of those who would be judge, jury, and executioner. When Tim Yo made his futile attempt in MRR to purge punk rock back to its basics, the results were predictable. The magazines Punk Planet, Heart attaCk and Shredding Paper started publishing circa 1994 to challenge MRR’s definition of punk and hegemony over the scene, followed shortly thereafter by Hit List. However, I doubt that Qilombo’s attempt to purge Lawrence Jarach and fellow AJODA members will have similarly salutary effects.
[end article]
Comments to article, archived at []:
posted August 7th, 2014,
Dear Whoeverthefuck Is Reading This,
In what can only be described as another absurdist screed by Lefty Hooligan, I found more of the same bullshit I've come to expect; white power masquerading as "rational thought".
I'm not writing just to insult him though. I'm writing because the crap that Lefty Hooligan wrote for his blog and for Maximum Rock n Roll ("anarchist purges anarchist; no news at 11", issue #375) is irresponsible, ill-informed, poorly researched and full of way too many parenthesis and quotation marks!
I generally believe that unless you were at some event or another you shouldn't attempt to report on it or analyze it UNLESS you have done your homework, reached out to as many people who were there as possible, verified facts, checked on quotes, etc. Apparently Lefty Hooligan heard a story, heard another story, heard something else and then formulated some half-assed theory about it, and that is not anything that hasn't happened since the beginning of time, or at least, since the beginning of social networking on the internet, however, it was incredibly irresponsible.
The problem is that Lefty Hooligan used someone's name and then indicated that said person "took part in a riot," which is possibly damning for a person fighting charges and trying to stay out of jail. I don't expect that Lefty Hooligan would know anything about that, but still, there it is.
Hooligan goes on to claim (using as his sole witness the accounts of Lawrence Jarach) that people from Qilombo space assaulted Jarach. This is also incredibly irresponsible. Not only does this implicate these unknown others in random acts of violence, but it also upholds the narrative of some white guy as correct while the explanation given by folks from Qilombo space (a space run primarily by Black and Brown people in Oakland) as "candy-assed". Further more, Hooligan goes on to accuse the person he named in his column "and his brigade" of "purging the movement" and of "thuggish behavior". Do you see what he just did there? Hooligan continues this attack on "identity anarchists" (remember my careful clarification) when he accuses them of attacking Lawrence Jarach at the Anarchist Bookfair this past year.
This kind of easy racism is what seeps into and back out of the pores of everything and everyone in the u.s. It's the kind of thing that only people who are forced to be vigilant around these things ever call attention to.
Throughout the rest of his column, Hooligan attempts to make distinctions between what he terms "post-left anarchists" and "identity anarchists". While he claims no affinity for either, he definitely makes it known that he considers "identity anarchists" the more irredeemable of the two. This notion of "identity anarchists" is also highly problematic and is a way of discarding any analysis by any people of color as "divisive" (I see you, Rebecca Solnit). Let's be clear that in the context that Lefty Hooligan is using, "identity anarchists" really means Black and Brown people.
Hooligan uses an incident where one group of folks challenged the notion from another group of folks that all churches, even Black churches should be burned as a place from which to attack "identity anarchists". He doesn't investigate - even in theory - why people would find that position to be problematic. Since he wouldn't give it a thought, allow me to summarize the position; Black churches have long been places where the Black community can come together safely and for the most part, unhindered. There is no other institution that exists within Black communities and neighborhoods that serves that function. The Black church is far more than a house of religion. But, if you're just a white person existing in your all-white fantasy world, that would never have occurred to you.
Attempting to describe very real riffs and divisions within "the Movement" by using a poorly strung together anecdote about a punk rock magazines growing pains in the early 90's is yet another example of how hoplessly inept Hooligan's column is. Unless you have any idea what Maximum Rock n Roll is, or who the fuck Tim Yo was, or why punk rockers spend so much time talking about what is "really punk", then the analogies made within the article are completely useless, unless again, you're speaking to your all-white fantasy world.
Let me briefly recap:
Using someone's name and publicly implicating them in some type of crime or another is irresponsible.
Doing that to a Black person is doubly irresponsible.
All other points can be found above.
Sincerely, Melissa (or Shakes)
posted August 4th, 2014,
"Lefty Hooligan" is on record calling the Black Bloc "clownish" and a "sad joke"... Yet the masthead on his MRR column is someone in Black Bloc.
Lawrence Jarach publicly advocates burning African people's religious institutions, while privately expressing support for the military actions of the state of Israel.
AJODA has printed pro-pedophilia articles.
Bob Black is a unrepentant snitch.
Anarchism needs to be purged of these nasty men. They damage our project. Toleration for men who behave like this is a prime reason there is less interest in anarchism today then three years ago - among anarchists.
Considering the provocative language used by many of the partisans of the "post-left" milieu in this exchange it seems to me that Qilombo has acted with considerable restraint in dealing with these reactionaries.
posted August 5th, 2014,
And what do we learn from this?
1. That Bob Black's brand of anarchy always involves immediately running to employers, landlords, immigration authorities and the police, or alternately some kind of law of the jungle brand of "anarchy,"
2. Lawrence Jarach's 30-year long hobby of posing as a fiery anarchist in safe settings doesn't come into contact with the outside world at any point.
Context is everything. Without conceding anything to the hate-whitey crowd, burning black churches in the United States wasn't done by the Durutti Column; it's been repeatedly been done by violent white racists. I believe the "Lefty Hooligan" column failed to take note of this impossible to miss historical fact as well.
People, and not just black people, are as entitled to become inflamed about this "black churches should be burned down" shit as they would be if some out-of-touch posturing clown proclaimed from the safety of his subcultural playpen that all synagogues should be burned down. Typing again slowly now, context is everything; out there in the real world where people play for keeps plenty of synagogues got burned to the ground during the twentieth century, and the people who did this were not motivated by liberatory and egalitarian impulses. Am I making myself clear? Should I insert a wikipedia link here to make this a little easier?
Anyway, tough-guy Lawrence would probably not demand that synagogues be burned. Like any garden variety religious bigot he applies one standard to the faith of his forefathers and another one to everybody else's religion. Any religious bigot is an irreligious hero when it comes to everybody else's religion.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Black Rider Liberation Party message


When the LA rebellion exploded, mainly because of the savage brutal beating of Rodney King by the racist LAPD, it revealed that young black people trapped in the poverty stricken ghettos had finally come to their African senses, united in a “gang” truce, and rejected taking out on each other their frustration that stemmed from white racism and capitalist oppression. In the past, the outcome of such negative self-hatred resulted in a severe non-violent posture towards the racist police and other government agents of repression. Brothers and sisters who were considered hardcore on the streets would literally start running from just the sight of the racist police. On April 29, 1992, the LAPD started running! After the rebellion, black unity was very strong, so the LAPD began to openly carry M-16 military rifles to try to further intimidate the Black community and tried to destroy every peace gathering in every “hood” in LA!! The times were changing, and the Black Riders were in tune. In 1996 we circulated in Watts, South Central, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Compton and Long Beach, talking to young black brothers and sisters on the need to unite and push our constitutional and human rights, especially our right to have weapons and defend ourselves. Many of them could identify with what the Black Riders were saying, because they had experienced and witnessed so much outlaw gang behavior by the police.

Many of them donated and gave us their legal guns and other self-defense weapons to help us begin the first watch-a-pig program patrols to move against the racist pigs. The fascist police act as an imperialist occupying army like they’re working overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan, monitoring the actions of the neo-colonial poor Black people and swooping in at will, with high-powered guns, to trap and leave as quickly as they came, yet never responding to the real safety needs of the community. Harassment, terror, torture, brutal beatings, drive-by shootings, stop and frisk, and verbal abuse are the standard operating procedures for the police. Regular and sometimes massive sweeps through the Black communities are launched by the various pig forces (including the FBI) and authorized by the racist European ruling class and corrupt high public political officials in the name of trying to fight “crime” and “gang-banging.” Whole blocks have been cordoned off and anyone entering and exiting is questioned. The police consider any Black person, including our children, as a typical criminal suspect or “public enemy!” When it is the paramilitary police who have contributed to the problem of crime and violence through their gang-style responses and their involvement in smuggling drugs and guns into our community. Thus, tight hand cuffs, being shoved into a police car, being slapped with a billy club, kicked between the legs, maced, the use of attack dogs, forced to put one’s hands on top of hot police cars, armored vehicles, battering ram tanks, and suffering humiliating public strip searches all have become part of life for young Black people all over racist AmeriKKa, especially in L.A.

We named our organization the Black Riders Liberation Party and we selected as its symbol the Black panther, in honor of the first Black revolutionary vanguard, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. We chose to resurrect the Black panthers in retaliation, when we learned that our parents and elders were murdered, imprisoned, drugged, brainwashed and exiled in the first Black revolution by the wicked FBI and local police through an evil government secret war program of Counter Intelligence (COINTELPRO). The Black panther is an animal that when it is pressured it moves back until it is cornered, then it comes out fighting for life or death. We felt we had been pushed back long enough and that it was time for poor Black people to come out and take over. During the recruitment periods, we clarify that the party is not racist. We actually oppose all forms of racism, especially when institutionalized to benefit the capitalists.

We wanted to ensure that poor Black people viewed our patrols as positive and helpful to the community. We didn’t want people to see the Black Riders as thuggish, gun toting brothers and sisters without an organized political agenda. We came up with the idea that all Black Riders would wear an updated model of the old Black panther uniform – black berets, and black, gray and white camouflage fatigues, and big black boots! We chose this uniform to make sure that we would not look like or appear to be any black street organization or “hood” in L.A. One of the main goals was to unite all these hoods or groups into fighting for positive revolutionary goals. We want to help establish peace and unity between young Black people still caught up in the Blood and Crip war going on in our community, so we tried to pick a “neutral” color for our New Generation Black panther organization. We also knew that many racist police agencies were directly responsible for the ongoing Blood and Crip war by picking up brothers and sisters in patrol cars and dropping them off in the middle of a “hood” that the individual didn’t get along with. In order for us to be an effective organized force of peacemakers, we realized that we would have to first deal with the historical peace breaker! The Watch-a-pig program was also created to deal with this issue. That is why we continue to seek to confront the real enemy of poor Black people and move the struggle to a higher level, to remove the fear that black people have of the racist police and show them that the enemy is really scared of us as a people.

We began the patrol in 1997 armed with law booklets, video cameras, para-military camouflage fatigues, black berets, bats, knives, black karate skills and any other legal weapon we could get a hold of. We began to monitor the police radio calls, observing arrests as they questioned black people, educating our people about their armed self-defense rights, and offering our services to people who needed a witness against the police in a law suit. Sometimes, we even received urgent cell phone calls from Black people and we would send out a car to the troubled location to watch the pigs. If necessary, we would even follow the racist pigs in their car around the community, bumper to bumper, just to make sure that they would not hurt anyone. We made it clear to all the comrades involved in the program that they should be prepared to do battle only if a racist police officer drew his or her gun or tried to attack us unjustly. We knew that once it started, we may wind up in jail or dead standing up for our people’s rights. This activity captured the hearts and minds of the people. Many young Black people who used to fight each other in the streets united and went out to patrol the demonic police together. That’s what we call real Revolutionary Black Power.

We all felt the compelling urge to finally risk our lives for something positive as opposed to something negative. We launched the first patrols of the police armed with weapons since the original Panthers started in 1966! Without a doubt we had to overcome the life threatening reality associated with the patrols. It took an extreme love for our people to have the heart and courage to police the police. The police killed Black people in cold blood all the time in LA and get away with it calling it “justifiable homicide.” We felt the pigs were a gang of cowards and busters when confronted by organized Black people with knowledge of the law and who were ready to defend themselves by any means necessary. Many of these patrols resulted in bloody combat or confrontation with the pigs and our comrades were framed and sent to jail on trumped up charges. This did not stop our patrols as more people joined our ranks once the police exposed themselves to be nothing but common criminals acting under the color of law. The second Black Revolution had begun and the genie of Black revolutionary violence had once again been let free in Babylon. It would only stop when total freedom was had.

Many old O.G. (original) Black Panthers from LA to New York joined our ranks or supported our programs. They were anxious to get another shot at the oppressor and they wanted to prove that the Black Panther will always live in the hearts and minds of the people. A few of the recently imprisoned Black Panther Eight supported our program while they still prowled the streets. They were framed and arrested Jan. 23, 2007 for a 36-year-old trumped up alleged retaliatory murder of a white police officer. The pig was corrected seven days after the vicious murder of the great Black Panther leader General George Jackson by racist San Quentin prison guards on August 21, 1971. This new critical government attack on these aging O.G. Panther elders will never be forgotten and will be met with an extremely massive political consequence. The Panther Eight must be set free by any means necessary.

We patrol the pigs at random and link it with our other daily movements doing other dangerous political work like trying to educate and raise the African consciousness of young Black people on the street corner to stop tribalism and Black on Black violence. We were careful to keep our patrols within the bounds of the law and this pissed off the pigs even more. Pig brutality was extremely reduced in areas we patrolled. Black people in the community were deeply impressed. The police tried to turn the community against us but it had the opposite effect. The community was proud to see disciplined young Black men and women defend their rights and stand up to the wicked racist AmeriKKKan Empire. Our reputation as fearless freedom fighters grew everywhere. By the year 2007, ten years later, we had successfully grown more sophisticated, and by then patrolled the pigs in Watts, Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood and even Oakland!

We grew more sophisticated mainly because of the support of the poor Black people throughout LA donating everything an oppressed people can to fight back. Our people donated time, advice, rides in their own cars, and pennies, nickels, and dimes to support our programs. Some people literally jumped in line while we watched the pigs and brought their own video camera or camera phone to participate. This happened many times, especially along Crenshaw Blvd. in LA. We bought a “Black Power Van” equipped with high-tech walkie-talkies, video cameras, scanners, lap top computers, binoculars, tasers and other technical equipment needed to fight against police terrorism and educate our people about the need for security against the pigs with an advanced four-wheeled mobile security system operating 24 hours a day, for free!!

Some petty-bourgeois people fail to understand why we collect donations. They are completely stupid to the fact that in the early 20th Century, the great Black leader Marcus Garvey created black owned enterprises by collecting donations of nickels and dimes. More than a hundred thousand black people came out in 1919 in New York to see Garvey launch the Black Star Steam Ship Line. We as a people all collectively owned those gigantic ships and that was a beautiful thing in the past. Now we as a people must prepare and be ready for the future.

We have helped to create many positive food, clothing, shelter survival programs, and many small “gang” truces around Los Angeles and in many jails. We have also been to many speaking engagements, unity meetings and demonstrations for the people in the last 11 years of our existence as a new Black panther organization. Yet the brutal government assassination of Stanley “Tookie” Williams had a serious impact on our grass roots organizing efforts to bring the masses of our people back into political life. Through his book and other articles he wrote, Tookie taught us that Black on Black violence must be prevented on the spot before it happens, through conflict resolution by a respected, reasonable, revolutionary African minded mediator. It is impossible to count all the times our organization has stood between two armed hostile factions and helped to bring about peace and Black on Black love.

Tookie’s message of Black Unity had ultimately struck a chord in the hearts of young Black people, so the government moved quickly to silence that message. I led a delegation of 20 militant Black Riders soldiers to City Hall and to Schwarzenegger’s office at the Ronald Reagan building in downtown LA in the fight to save him from execution, and helped to bring national and international TV and media attention to his case. We exposed to the world that the racist death penalty was being used by corrupt politicians as a weapon of assassination. Governor fake terminator Schwarzenegger has gone on record saying that one of the main reasons why he murdered Tookie was because Tookie had dedicated his book to many different O.G. Black Panther leaders, especially general George Jackson. We also launched a militant demonstration outside of Tookie’s funeral when the racist LAPD tried to set up military barricades around the proceedings. We felt this was the height of disrespect, so we engaged in numerous tense clashes and confrontations with the pigs to clear a path for Black people to enter the funeral and pay their respects. Many Bloods and Crips showed up at the funeral to show their support for Tookie.

The Black Riders Liberation Party was born in a period of stress, when black people were moving away from the philosophy and strategy of non-violent actions being pushed by neo-colonial puppet fake black leaders who encouraged us as a people to hold in our anger and pain from white racist oppression. This causes us to take out the explosive frustration on each other through tribalism instead of unleashing it on our real enemy. We dare to believe that we could offer the community a permanent political vehicle that would serve their needs and advocate their interests. We have met many foes; we have seen many enemies, we have been slandered, kidnapped, gagged, jailed, raided, and murdered. When the enemy strikes out at you blindly, crushing you right and left if he possibly can, then you know you are doing everything right! We now know more than ever before, that the will of the people is greater than the technology and repression of those who are against the interests of the people. Therefore we know that we can and will continue to serve and educate the people. Bulletproof love, thanks and appreciation goes out to all the brothers and sisters on the block who have supported the struggle. Hollow point bullets are sent to all the snitches, sell-outs, pig boot licking house nigga’s, especially the ones that roam the streets. THE RACIST DOG POLICEMEN MUST IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW FROM OUR COMMUNITY, OR FACE THE WRATH OF AN ARMED PEOPLE!!

He who does not fear the death of a thousand cuts will dare to unseat the emperor! Long Live the Guerrilla! Power to the People who Don’t Fear Freedom!
--General T.A.C.O., Black Riders Liberation Party

Inbox us or email us at if you want to join!

Friday, July 4, 2014

"4th of the Lie" message from the Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP): BREAK FREE FROM THE NEW SLAVERY

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! (please read) -

In the beginning of the movie “boyz in the hood,” which is a movie that supposedly depicts inner city gang life amongst young Blacks, a racist amerikkkan missionary teacher raises the question: where are you from? She asks this to a classroom mostly filled with poor young Black boys as she looks at a map of the world in which the country of amerikkka is predominantly and bodily misrepresented in the background. One young Black boy raises his hand to be called on. The teacher calls on him and he says, “my daddy told me we are from Africa…” when all of a sudden he is interrupted by another little Black boy who says, “no, I'm from Crenshaw mafia!” (an Amerikkkan L.A. Blood gang!). Forced ignorance is a colossal crime…

“Boyz in the hood” was a fictional movie but the truth that played out in the beginning scene can be seen all over Amerikkka in every Black ghetto. Most black people have no true knowledge of self or where they came from and this lack of critical knowledge is only one of the reasons for massive sickness that plagues our community with self-destructive tribal violence. It has left three generations of youth stricken with tribal war-torn battle wounds both mentally and physically. This tribalism has filled the U.S. big business prison system (concentration camps) beyond capacity. The worst effect is that it has caused more death’s in just Los Angeles than all the casualties in the Yankee imperialist Vietnam war combined!!! This has allowed the racist trigger happy police forces, and the fascist white government they serve and protect, to make more insidious claims of psychological, intellectual, physical, and moral superiority over it’s Black subjugated community/nation. It has led the racist colonizing pig army to run amok through our Black Nation, maiming and murdering under the guise of enforcing laws that are extremely racist and oppressive.

Most elders have either given up on our youth or have begun to side with our white racist historical enemy against us, through consent, by helping to vote in racist laws or openly snitching to and calling pigs to hunt and shoot us down as if we are not even human beings deserving human rights and due process. It is as if the grey on their heads has made them catch a sick dose of brainwashing, or the clubs that busted open their heads during the unsuccessful civil; rights and Black power Movements gave them collective amnesia to the plight of our community: We must stop Black on Black violence with preventative education. The police don’t do anything but issue out savage justice with a blood lust. They act as if they are the judge, jury and executioners!

Just because martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and George Jackson were killed doesn't mean we stop struggling for freedom! Instead of snuggling in the foul armpits of the new Black middle-class, the elders must open their eyes and remember that Willie Lynch, the Grand wizard, Slave master of all slave masters, taught that the best way to conquer the minds and to conquer the bodies of the slaves was to create a critical separation between the dark-skinned Black and the light skinned Black, the Black male and the Black female, and especially the elder Black man and the younger Black Man. “Divide and conquer” is the motto of the slave master!

Stanley “Tookie” Williams didn't start gang banging. Racist Amerikkka started gang banging. It started the gang banging when it bust the first Black man upside the head, threw him in chains, and drug him over here to work for free. Amerikkka didn't just kidnap one Black man but she kidnapped over 60 million Black people and forcefully tricked us to despise and hate our Afrikan selves. This self-hatred and shame we feel towards our Black Afrikan characteristics and culture is one of the reasons that gang banging and it’s tribal self destructive violence occurs. Lets not forget that the racist police forces were originally called “Paddy Rollers”. The Paddy Rollers’ main job back then was to capture and re-enslave runaway slaves and return them to the plantation.

"The Afrikan philosophy that accorded so much respect to elders was based upon the assumption that all other things being equal, those who were living in the world and experiencing life before others were born should know more than others. This qualification is important because it was later applied in the election of chiefs and kings from amongst the elders. Being heir to the throne was simply not enough. One had to meet other qualifications or be passed over. Therefore, being older or the oldest in ones group did not command the usual respect if one was lazy, a troublemaker or a fool. Intelligence and wisdom were supposed to match ones age. It should be Black peoples greatest collective hope that at some point the total affect of the mind tampering during enslavement is understood. The genetic psychological damage done to Blacks in slavery has been forgotten as lightweight action that’s over and done with. It’s much more serious and long lasting than that. It has caused the people to be morally estranged from their past history in beautiful mother Afrika."

Afrika and it’s people suffered the greatest loss in world history! White supremacy locked Afrika into a four hundred and fifty year room. Too many times it is assumed that Afrikan history began with the slave trade. It is necessary to look at Afrikan history before and after the slave trade in order to grasp how and why Afrikan people were it’s victims. Since we were robbed of the honor of full manhood and womanhood that comes only from the pride of racial worth and identity, Black people’s minds usually operate favorably towards racist enemies and very negatively toward ourselves and our own kind!

It is essential we look back in order to look forward with more understanding. There was a thousand years of independent state formation and state management in just inner West afrika alone before the slave trade. this period of independent Afrikan political and cultural activity needs to be reviewed in order to understand, at least in part, what just West Afrika lost in the slave trade and what the elders role was...

In Afrikan culture, the sons and daughters of one’s aunts or uncles are considered brothers and sisters, not cousins. We do not make distinctions among relations practiced by whites. We do not have half sisters or half brothers. My brother’s child is my son or my daughter; my mother’s sister is my mother, too. This well-rounded relationship led to a positive wholesome development for the youth. Correct education of the youth was not just a family responsibility either. The training of the youth was everybody’s responsibility, especially the correction of bad behavior and activity. Child rearing was a serious communal duty: thus the Afrikan saying, “it takes a whole village to raise a child!” Afrikan youth had to be groomed to be men and women. Manhood and Womanhood was not a naturally occurring condition by age but must be carefully created by the experienced elders of the whole community! After this positive rearing of the youth was successfully accomplished, the youth had three obligatory duties to be carried out for their parents and elders:

1. They must procreate and have children to continue the bloodline for the community,

2. Support their parents and elders in every way possible once they reached an extremely old age (there was no sending elders or parents to convalescent homes!)

3. Remember their great contributions for all time by performing ancestral rituals to them after their deaths.

It should be obvious that this type of activity provided the elders and the youth with a holistic, loving relationship. Once bad and negative behavior was detected amongst the youth, the elders did not meekly hand them over to racist foreign invaders and their slave camps! This would have been frowned at and looked upon as high treason and a very traitorous action!!! The penalty of such a foolish action would have surely meant banishment form the tribe or worse…

The Afrikan holocaust of enslavement and other foul events connected the growing economic and political forces that laid the foundation of Modern White-Amerikkkan Nation State, Nationalism, and Materialism, as well as the capitalist world economy. The Afrikan holocaust of enslavement was the single greatest crime in the world ever committed against any people! Nothing else can match this massive genocide and cultural destruction. Every effort was made to whip from our memory how we related to each other before the coming of the racist white criminal elite and it’s evil capitalist monster machine.

Black people were Branded, whipped, castrated, mutilated, tortured and outright murdered in order for us to be molded into slaves for the Amerikkkan slave master. After we were forced onto filthy overcrowded slave ships at gunpoint, we were made to do excruciating work for hundreds of years and many generations. The slave master raped Black women every chance he got. We were brutally stripped of our God, history, language, names, country, religion, families and ways of living. Reading, writing and education of any kind was forbidden for the brain dead slave. we were viciously and continually brainwashed to believe that the white race was thought of as “pure”, smart, and superior and the Black race was dirty, inferior, and stupid. Racist white people viewed Black people as subhuman (half man half monkey) and slavery was considered to be a blessing from God, delivered fresh to us from God specifically chosen white race. Ain't that a B***H?!!!? Excuse the cursing, but the truth should make any and all elders curse out loud.

Slavery was such a desperate time for Blacks due to the racial discrimination tactics employed by the slave master. Not only was there unbearable pain and forced labor but separation and individualism was promoted by offering singular and individual rewards gained by pleasing the slave master and being a good slave. A good slave was one who consented to do anything to stay alive and grow old, if possible. This individual reward system ripped apart ties of couples, family and the community. Independent self-preservation was the rule on the plantation.

Now today in 2014 we have evolved into a neo-colony which is oppressed for racist and economic reasons:

Although Blacks are widely dispersed rather than compressed into a compact territory, we are never the less a subjugated nation because of bonds due to our psychological make up, ghetto language, concentrations in inner cities or rural towns, and an economic status similar to colonial people’s. Our community is still dominated by the fascist Amerikkkan ruling circle that rules indirectly through a Black petite bourgeoisie elite and just like other Afrikan neo-colonizers, a negative side effect of this oppressive structure is Black on Black tribal violence!

Capitalist propaganda made the millionaire the hero of modern life, and taught Black youth that success is wealth. Oppressed Black People are forced into conditions of extreme poverty that causes disease, ignorance dope dealing, and Black on Black crime because the youth end up fighting each other over fake status symbols like jewels, flashy cars, respect, clothes, and Black Blood money!

History is never old, everything that ever happened continues to happen. We need to carefully examine slavery and our present day oppression in order to understand its reverberations and current effects. Black people are infected with the historic disease of cultural negligence. We incorrectly believe ourselves to be living the right life- the one which is only available to us in this country’s setting, which most foolishly believe is the best place on earth. We have to learn that racist Amerikkka was built on invasion, cultural devastation, genocide, and war! Black people must stop secretly wanting to be clones of white people and their values or standards.

Black elders must understand that the youth must be sought out and rescued from Afrikan cultural neglect. A young brain, not yet equipped with the psychological tools to filter or disseminate information, accepts any and all information it is programmed with as the truth. There are no easy answers or quick solutions to tribalism. Misinformation can become deeply rooted in the psyche and will override true information from another source. Brainwashed Black people must be claimed, cleaned up, and returned to their proper state of Afrikan existence as a civilized people!

The propagation of the Black nation to ensure it’s survival, perseverance, longevity, and freedom must take priority over every other aspect of life. Human behavior is the result of training and familiarity of environment. Black people’s natural instincts have become so polluted and distorted that they reject the plan that works for one that fails. Black elders must throw off the cloak of deception and stop letting fear and panic rule. These youth are our future! They are our sons and daughters though they are extremely misguided by the racist monster machine. This tribal “family feud” will disappear only when the reasons for it’s existence in the first place disappear. Black elders must conjure up a new strength for the fight, become brave and realize that it represents the difference between betrayal and honor, insanity and common sense, destruction and reconstruction, passive reform or aggressive revolution!

This does not fall on the Black elders shoulders either. Every Black person must be a beacon of light in the sea of racist European-Amerikkkan darkness and blindness. One must constantly urge all our people one comes in contact with to seek truth about human history by pursuing the path of enlightenment through knowledge: first of self, and then of other third world people oppressed by U.S. imperialism! The Black nation must implement across the board standards of home life that encompass every Black person and Black family. The result of not following a national and international plan useful to all Black people in Amerikkka and everywhere else the Afrikan and his descendants reside is the confusion that we have today.

This situation of violence, self hatred, and attending disunity in the Black community, is a matter of grave concern. Young Blacks who commit criminal attacks on their own people are also, unconsciously, striking out against the unbearable situation of what appears to be permanent disunity and, therefore, against the utter helplessness of a people whose liberation from oppression can be accomplished only by united initiatives of its own or we will die slowly in the tribal crossfire.

This is NOT just tough talk either. The Black Riders are the new generation Black Panthers and we are back by popular demand! The youth have united to rethink the 1960’s Black panther battle strategies and we have developed an upgraded version for today’s high tech world. We have a passion for excellence that transcends fear and danger with our assertive Afrikan rites of passage educational tactics. We have helped to encourage many, many gang members to recognize their real racist enemy and give up tribal self destructive violence. The Black Riders are guided by our Afrikan Inter-Communalism ideology and our Black Commune Program. This is the Master Plan. We believe we are on a mission from God!!!

Our primary focus has been on Panther militant maneuvers acting as a peacekeeping force that educates the youth to a true knowledge of self and a Black self defense force that resists the invading occupying pig army. We completely realize that these are extreme measures because we believe this is our last chance for freedom before our extermination and genocide. We understand that in order to be successful peacemakers we would also have to deal with the historical peace breaker. We have learned the deadly lessons of Black historical struggle in Amerikkka. The Black Riders are honor bound Black revolutionary warriors who have been blocking the march of racist barbarians for over fourteen years now. We have ignited a fire in the belly of the beast by fighting hordes of spies and agents of repression. We have mastered the art of leadership, begun tracking the serpent, and facing down the enemy with our guns in our hands. We have achieved numerous BATTLEFIELD victories!

There must be no other course but to fight it out. Every political and military position must be held to the last Black man and Black woman. there must be no retreat and no surrender. with our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight on till the end. We call on all black people who still believe in freedom to join us or support us with their minds, bodies, and souls. There is a great war to be won and we will win it together.


P.S. Many Black people boldly assert that they would never have submitted to slavery on the plantation passively and would have rebelled against the slave master without a second thought. Yet, these same Blacks today accept extreme poverty (the new slavery) in silence and cowardice everyday! FIGHT BACK!