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Black August Solidarity Statement for Political Prisoners in California from BRLP

Black Rider Liberation Party (BRLP) [link]

“Black August Solidarity Statement for Political Prisoners: In Opposition to proposed CDCr Regulation change”, 2014-08-19 from E Da Ref, Minister of Public Relations of Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP)
The Black Riders Liberation Party’s Black Commune Program Article D states,
We Ride for Freedom of speech.”  
Freedom of speech is a God given right. It’s our right as a human being to have freedom of speech. The 1st amendment of the US constitution is supposed to give us the right to freedom of speech. When our human right of freedom of speech is violated, and voices of dissent are silenced; we must expose the contradiction of the constitution. We must expose the hypocrisy of this false democracy so the masses will understand the necessity for revolution.
On April 7th 2014, The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, or better phrased [California Department of Concentration Camps and Repression] (CDCr) issued a Notice of Rule Change to Regulations sections 3006, 3134 and 3135. This measure is being pushed to prohibit, ban and disallow “Obscene Material” from entering or leaving these modern day concentration camps. The excuse the corrections officials use for such a crackdown is expressed in the following statement.

Subsection 3006 (C)(19) is adopted to establish that inmates shall not possess or have under their control written material or photographs that indicate an association with a validated member or associate of a Security Threat Group.
The true objective of this measure is to stifle the communication of political prisoners and prisoners of war to the outside world. These are torture tactics used to psychologically and sociologically isolate these brothers and sisters who are locked up in the confines of these concentration camps across California. This is fascism flexing its force out of fear of the effectiveness of the messages of motivation to mobilize the masses. The state doesn’t want the prisoners to have a voice. They don’t want them to have an ear, eye, or a mind. The aim of these imperialist institutions is to demoralize and dehumanize us to justify the further enslavement of the masses of Black people in particular, and oppressed people in general, through the Prison industrial complex.

Subsection 3378 (C) (8) (C)-(D) …to ensure the safety and security of the institutions by disallowing publications that indicate an association with groups that are oppositional  to authority and society
The term “oppositional to authority and society” is a commonly used in the white supremacist ideology and pseudo-science of Eugenics.  They diagnosed the rebellious African warriors who would dare resist slavery with psychological disorders/disease such as “Drapetomania” which describe in its symptoms, “a slave that was addicted to attempting escape and running away from the plantation.” Our enslaved ancestors were diagnosed with a disease for having the audacity to even dream of freedom! The modern day diagnosis for this behavior of not submitting to slavery and sub servitude is now known as, “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” [DSM IV] which symptoms include; “Actively refuses to comply with majority requests or consensus supported rules, blames others for his or her mistakes, spiteful or seeks revenge, argues often, and has no respect for authority”. So if you don’t conform to the status quo and you have an urge to change society and fight against tyranny and oppression, you most likely fall into these categories of psychological disorders/diseases. This evident white supremacist pseudo-science that dwells within the rules and regulations, laws and legislation of CDCr must be politically protested against, combated, and completely removed.
The emphasis of the term “indication of association with groups” also shows the fear of the fascist state. The historical aspect of the nature of these laws used to prevent social cohesion amongst inmates goes back to the chattel slavery days in the 1800s. Within the Black Codes or Slave codes in the 1800s there were laws that prohibited enslaved Africans from being in groups of 3 or more in areas that were not in the open or during sundown. They were banned from playing the drums together or even speak in native tongue to each other. These laws were implemented and enforced to prevent communication or social interaction amongst enslaved Africans out of fear that our ancestors would organize insurrections and rebellions. It’s the same thing as the modern day the Gang Injunctions, and it is the same thing as the categorizing and validating of political prisoners and prisoners of war with real revolutionary potential as associates members of a “Security Threat Group”
This measure is being pushed through several California state institutional departments such as; California Code of Regulations Title 15, Crime Prevention and Corrections Division 3, Rules and Regulations of Adult Institutions, Programs and Parole Department, and Corrections. One of the main culprits behind pushing this measure is the Director of the Adult Institution Division of the CDCr, Michael Steiner.

The CDCr has already made the first step toward banning Revolutionary Literature by developing a “Centralized List of Disapproved Publications”. Any publication on that list that is considers obscene material by the Division of Adult Institutions can be permanently banned from any California prison if this regulation change is approved.  (Look up Subsection 3134.1)
Publications like Turning The Tide (which has many articles by and about The Black Riders Liberation Party), SF Bayview , (which was banned from Pelican Bay from January-June except for on February Black History Month) PHSS News, Rock, Abolitionist, Prison Legal News, The Final Call and etc. all have highly radical political content that might fit into the category of “Obscene Material”
Comrade Mutope Duguma of the Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement, who played a major role in the Prisoner Hunger Strike July 2013; explains in a few recently published articles in the SF Bayview National Black Newspaper that the regulation changes not only violates their 1st Amendment Constitutional Right but it also violates the California Code of Regulations (CRC) Title 15 section 313.5b:  Disagreement with senders or receivers morals, values, attitudes, and choice of words will NOT be cause for correctional staff to disallow mail. Correctional staff shall NOT challenge or confront the sender or receiver with such value judgments.
Basically, The CDCr is trying to pass measures that restrict any prisoners from speaking out to the public, in retaliation for the success of the Prisoner Hunger Strike that happen around this time last year (July 2013).
Any writings or imagery that speaks out against the torture of prisoners and the inhumane conditions of these facilities is considered a threat to their safety and security, so any publications that’s too politically charged and challenges the status quo will be banned and rejected from these correctional facilities.
How does this affect people who aren’t incarcerated? This is where our tax dollars are going. This is why our local schools, parks and recreational facilities, libraries, social programs, food stamps, medical clinics, Senior care programs are so underfunded; because the California state government rather spend our money on the prison plantation to make more profit. You may have a loved one who is incarcerated who’s right to freedom of speech is being violated and communication to the broad masses to tell his/her story is restricted. Now what are we gonna do about it?

On June 17, 2014 the hearing for this regulation change was held in Sacramento. There is a lot of support of solidarity for our comrades locked inside. Many people are in opposition of this change of rules and regulation change including attorney Leila Knox of Bryan Cave LLP. (One of the world’s largest law firms)
 A change in the legislature will not liberate our comrades locked in these concentration camps. This message is not made to encourage the people to push for reform in the correctional institutions rules and regulation nor do we expect this system to live up to what it claims to be. This message is to raise the political consciousness of the masses, so the people can see how fascism works and see that it must be combatted by any means necessary to bring about the complete, constructive, change of our society! When it comes to this modern day slavery known as the prison industrial complex, The Black Riders Liberation Party’s demand in The Black Commune Program Article E:

Contact PP/POW and Human Rights Activist; Mutupe Duguma s/n James Crawford;

Our Main Theoretician, The Feild Marshall of the OG Black Panthers George Jackson teaches us, "The resistence inside (prisons) will only be successfu,l if is supported by the people in the streets"

CDCr Notice of Regulation change PDF [http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Regulations/Adult_Operations/docs/NCDR/2014NCR/14-05/14-05%20Notice%20of%20Change%20to%20Regulations.pdf]

CDCr Notice of Proposed Regulations PDF [http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Regulations/Adult_Operations/docs/NCDR/2014NCR/14-05/14-05%20Notice%20of%20Proposed%20Regulations%20-%20Obscene%20Material.pdf]

CDCr Text of Proposed Regulations PDF [http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Regulations/Adult_Operations/docs/NCDR/2014NCR/14-05/14-05%20Text%20of%20Proposed%20Regulations.pdf]

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