Friday, July 4, 2014

"4th of the Lie" message from the Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP): BREAK FREE FROM THE NEW SLAVERY

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! (please read) -

In the beginning of the movie “boyz in the hood,” which is a movie that supposedly depicts inner city gang life amongst young Blacks, a racist amerikkkan missionary teacher raises the question: where are you from? She asks this to a classroom mostly filled with poor young Black boys as she looks at a map of the world in which the country of amerikkka is predominantly and bodily misrepresented in the background. One young Black boy raises his hand to be called on. The teacher calls on him and he says, “my daddy told me we are from Africa…” when all of a sudden he is interrupted by another little Black boy who says, “no, I'm from Crenshaw mafia!” (an Amerikkkan L.A. Blood gang!). Forced ignorance is a colossal crime…

“Boyz in the hood” was a fictional movie but the truth that played out in the beginning scene can be seen all over Amerikkka in every Black ghetto. Most black people have no true knowledge of self or where they came from and this lack of critical knowledge is only one of the reasons for massive sickness that plagues our community with self-destructive tribal violence. It has left three generations of youth stricken with tribal war-torn battle wounds both mentally and physically. This tribalism has filled the U.S. big business prison system (concentration camps) beyond capacity. The worst effect is that it has caused more death’s in just Los Angeles than all the casualties in the Yankee imperialist Vietnam war combined!!! This has allowed the racist trigger happy police forces, and the fascist white government they serve and protect, to make more insidious claims of psychological, intellectual, physical, and moral superiority over it’s Black subjugated community/nation. It has led the racist colonizing pig army to run amok through our Black Nation, maiming and murdering under the guise of enforcing laws that are extremely racist and oppressive.

Most elders have either given up on our youth or have begun to side with our white racist historical enemy against us, through consent, by helping to vote in racist laws or openly snitching to and calling pigs to hunt and shoot us down as if we are not even human beings deserving human rights and due process. It is as if the grey on their heads has made them catch a sick dose of brainwashing, or the clubs that busted open their heads during the unsuccessful civil; rights and Black power Movements gave them collective amnesia to the plight of our community: We must stop Black on Black violence with preventative education. The police don’t do anything but issue out savage justice with a blood lust. They act as if they are the judge, jury and executioners!

Just because martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and George Jackson were killed doesn't mean we stop struggling for freedom! Instead of snuggling in the foul armpits of the new Black middle-class, the elders must open their eyes and remember that Willie Lynch, the Grand wizard, Slave master of all slave masters, taught that the best way to conquer the minds and to conquer the bodies of the slaves was to create a critical separation between the dark-skinned Black and the light skinned Black, the Black male and the Black female, and especially the elder Black man and the younger Black Man. “Divide and conquer” is the motto of the slave master!

Stanley “Tookie” Williams didn't start gang banging. Racist Amerikkka started gang banging. It started the gang banging when it bust the first Black man upside the head, threw him in chains, and drug him over here to work for free. Amerikkka didn't just kidnap one Black man but she kidnapped over 60 million Black people and forcefully tricked us to despise and hate our Afrikan selves. This self-hatred and shame we feel towards our Black Afrikan characteristics and culture is one of the reasons that gang banging and it’s tribal self destructive violence occurs. Lets not forget that the racist police forces were originally called “Paddy Rollers”. The Paddy Rollers’ main job back then was to capture and re-enslave runaway slaves and return them to the plantation.

"The Afrikan philosophy that accorded so much respect to elders was based upon the assumption that all other things being equal, those who were living in the world and experiencing life before others were born should know more than others. This qualification is important because it was later applied in the election of chiefs and kings from amongst the elders. Being heir to the throne was simply not enough. One had to meet other qualifications or be passed over. Therefore, being older or the oldest in ones group did not command the usual respect if one was lazy, a troublemaker or a fool. Intelligence and wisdom were supposed to match ones age. It should be Black peoples greatest collective hope that at some point the total affect of the mind tampering during enslavement is understood. The genetic psychological damage done to Blacks in slavery has been forgotten as lightweight action that’s over and done with. It’s much more serious and long lasting than that. It has caused the people to be morally estranged from their past history in beautiful mother Afrika."

Afrika and it’s people suffered the greatest loss in world history! White supremacy locked Afrika into a four hundred and fifty year room. Too many times it is assumed that Afrikan history began with the slave trade. It is necessary to look at Afrikan history before and after the slave trade in order to grasp how and why Afrikan people were it’s victims. Since we were robbed of the honor of full manhood and womanhood that comes only from the pride of racial worth and identity, Black people’s minds usually operate favorably towards racist enemies and very negatively toward ourselves and our own kind!

It is essential we look back in order to look forward with more understanding. There was a thousand years of independent state formation and state management in just inner West afrika alone before the slave trade. this period of independent Afrikan political and cultural activity needs to be reviewed in order to understand, at least in part, what just West Afrika lost in the slave trade and what the elders role was...

In Afrikan culture, the sons and daughters of one’s aunts or uncles are considered brothers and sisters, not cousins. We do not make distinctions among relations practiced by whites. We do not have half sisters or half brothers. My brother’s child is my son or my daughter; my mother’s sister is my mother, too. This well-rounded relationship led to a positive wholesome development for the youth. Correct education of the youth was not just a family responsibility either. The training of the youth was everybody’s responsibility, especially the correction of bad behavior and activity. Child rearing was a serious communal duty: thus the Afrikan saying, “it takes a whole village to raise a child!” Afrikan youth had to be groomed to be men and women. Manhood and Womanhood was not a naturally occurring condition by age but must be carefully created by the experienced elders of the whole community! After this positive rearing of the youth was successfully accomplished, the youth had three obligatory duties to be carried out for their parents and elders:

1. They must procreate and have children to continue the bloodline for the community,

2. Support their parents and elders in every way possible once they reached an extremely old age (there was no sending elders or parents to convalescent homes!)

3. Remember their great contributions for all time by performing ancestral rituals to them after their deaths.

It should be obvious that this type of activity provided the elders and the youth with a holistic, loving relationship. Once bad and negative behavior was detected amongst the youth, the elders did not meekly hand them over to racist foreign invaders and their slave camps! This would have been frowned at and looked upon as high treason and a very traitorous action!!! The penalty of such a foolish action would have surely meant banishment form the tribe or worse…

The Afrikan holocaust of enslavement and other foul events connected the growing economic and political forces that laid the foundation of Modern White-Amerikkkan Nation State, Nationalism, and Materialism, as well as the capitalist world economy. The Afrikan holocaust of enslavement was the single greatest crime in the world ever committed against any people! Nothing else can match this massive genocide and cultural destruction. Every effort was made to whip from our memory how we related to each other before the coming of the racist white criminal elite and it’s evil capitalist monster machine.

Black people were Branded, whipped, castrated, mutilated, tortured and outright murdered in order for us to be molded into slaves for the Amerikkkan slave master. After we were forced onto filthy overcrowded slave ships at gunpoint, we were made to do excruciating work for hundreds of years and many generations. The slave master raped Black women every chance he got. We were brutally stripped of our God, history, language, names, country, religion, families and ways of living. Reading, writing and education of any kind was forbidden for the brain dead slave. we were viciously and continually brainwashed to believe that the white race was thought of as “pure”, smart, and superior and the Black race was dirty, inferior, and stupid. Racist white people viewed Black people as subhuman (half man half monkey) and slavery was considered to be a blessing from God, delivered fresh to us from God specifically chosen white race. Ain't that a B***H?!!!? Excuse the cursing, but the truth should make any and all elders curse out loud.

Slavery was such a desperate time for Blacks due to the racial discrimination tactics employed by the slave master. Not only was there unbearable pain and forced labor but separation and individualism was promoted by offering singular and individual rewards gained by pleasing the slave master and being a good slave. A good slave was one who consented to do anything to stay alive and grow old, if possible. This individual reward system ripped apart ties of couples, family and the community. Independent self-preservation was the rule on the plantation.

Now today in 2014 we have evolved into a neo-colony which is oppressed for racist and economic reasons:

Although Blacks are widely dispersed rather than compressed into a compact territory, we are never the less a subjugated nation because of bonds due to our psychological make up, ghetto language, concentrations in inner cities or rural towns, and an economic status similar to colonial people’s. Our community is still dominated by the fascist Amerikkkan ruling circle that rules indirectly through a Black petite bourgeoisie elite and just like other Afrikan neo-colonizers, a negative side effect of this oppressive structure is Black on Black tribal violence!

Capitalist propaganda made the millionaire the hero of modern life, and taught Black youth that success is wealth. Oppressed Black People are forced into conditions of extreme poverty that causes disease, ignorance dope dealing, and Black on Black crime because the youth end up fighting each other over fake status symbols like jewels, flashy cars, respect, clothes, and Black Blood money!

History is never old, everything that ever happened continues to happen. We need to carefully examine slavery and our present day oppression in order to understand its reverberations and current effects. Black people are infected with the historic disease of cultural negligence. We incorrectly believe ourselves to be living the right life- the one which is only available to us in this country’s setting, which most foolishly believe is the best place on earth. We have to learn that racist Amerikkka was built on invasion, cultural devastation, genocide, and war! Black people must stop secretly wanting to be clones of white people and their values or standards.

Black elders must understand that the youth must be sought out and rescued from Afrikan cultural neglect. A young brain, not yet equipped with the psychological tools to filter or disseminate information, accepts any and all information it is programmed with as the truth. There are no easy answers or quick solutions to tribalism. Misinformation can become deeply rooted in the psyche and will override true information from another source. Brainwashed Black people must be claimed, cleaned up, and returned to their proper state of Afrikan existence as a civilized people!

The propagation of the Black nation to ensure it’s survival, perseverance, longevity, and freedom must take priority over every other aspect of life. Human behavior is the result of training and familiarity of environment. Black people’s natural instincts have become so polluted and distorted that they reject the plan that works for one that fails. Black elders must throw off the cloak of deception and stop letting fear and panic rule. These youth are our future! They are our sons and daughters though they are extremely misguided by the racist monster machine. This tribal “family feud” will disappear only when the reasons for it’s existence in the first place disappear. Black elders must conjure up a new strength for the fight, become brave and realize that it represents the difference between betrayal and honor, insanity and common sense, destruction and reconstruction, passive reform or aggressive revolution!

This does not fall on the Black elders shoulders either. Every Black person must be a beacon of light in the sea of racist European-Amerikkkan darkness and blindness. One must constantly urge all our people one comes in contact with to seek truth about human history by pursuing the path of enlightenment through knowledge: first of self, and then of other third world people oppressed by U.S. imperialism! The Black nation must implement across the board standards of home life that encompass every Black person and Black family. The result of not following a national and international plan useful to all Black people in Amerikkka and everywhere else the Afrikan and his descendants reside is the confusion that we have today.

This situation of violence, self hatred, and attending disunity in the Black community, is a matter of grave concern. Young Blacks who commit criminal attacks on their own people are also, unconsciously, striking out against the unbearable situation of what appears to be permanent disunity and, therefore, against the utter helplessness of a people whose liberation from oppression can be accomplished only by united initiatives of its own or we will die slowly in the tribal crossfire.

This is NOT just tough talk either. The Black Riders are the new generation Black Panthers and we are back by popular demand! The youth have united to rethink the 1960’s Black panther battle strategies and we have developed an upgraded version for today’s high tech world. We have a passion for excellence that transcends fear and danger with our assertive Afrikan rites of passage educational tactics. We have helped to encourage many, many gang members to recognize their real racist enemy and give up tribal self destructive violence. The Black Riders are guided by our Afrikan Inter-Communalism ideology and our Black Commune Program. This is the Master Plan. We believe we are on a mission from God!!!

Our primary focus has been on Panther militant maneuvers acting as a peacekeeping force that educates the youth to a true knowledge of self and a Black self defense force that resists the invading occupying pig army. We completely realize that these are extreme measures because we believe this is our last chance for freedom before our extermination and genocide. We understand that in order to be successful peacemakers we would also have to deal with the historical peace breaker. We have learned the deadly lessons of Black historical struggle in Amerikkka. The Black Riders are honor bound Black revolutionary warriors who have been blocking the march of racist barbarians for over fourteen years now. We have ignited a fire in the belly of the beast by fighting hordes of spies and agents of repression. We have mastered the art of leadership, begun tracking the serpent, and facing down the enemy with our guns in our hands. We have achieved numerous BATTLEFIELD victories!

There must be no other course but to fight it out. Every political and military position must be held to the last Black man and Black woman. there must be no retreat and no surrender. with our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight on till the end. We call on all black people who still believe in freedom to join us or support us with their minds, bodies, and souls. There is a great war to be won and we will win it together.


P.S. Many Black people boldly assert that they would never have submitted to slavery on the plantation passively and would have rebelled against the slave master without a second thought. Yet, these same Blacks today accept extreme poverty (the new slavery) in silence and cowardice everyday! FIGHT BACK!

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