Monday, April 7, 2014

Qilombo Community Social Center

As we begin this new stage of struggle, we are asking for the support of comrades from all over the world by becoming Friends of Qilombo and making a one time or recurring donation [].
If you have any questions, would like to be added to our announcement list, or would like to host a class, meeting or an event, please email or visit

Announcing the Qilombo Community Social Center Grand Opening
In January of 2014, the Holdout temporarily closed its doors to do some serious cleaning. Now that the space has gone through several transitions, it’s time to reopen as a radical social center that supports community in struggle–with new energy and a new name.
From the Kimbundu word kilombo, the original quilombos were maroon societies founded by African people in Brazil and throughout South America between the 16th and 19th centuries. Most inhabitants of the quilombos were Africans escaping the trans-atlantic slave trade, but included indigenous people from local regions and other marginalized people fleeing European colonization. These autonomous zones provided land, shelter, and safety for those fighting to protect themselves from colonial enslavement and genocide. Resistance meant survival.
In this spirit of inter-communal solidarity, we invite you to join us in struggle! The Qilombo community social center is a place of intersection for Anarchists, other revolutionaries for liberation and folks from our neighborhood.
We have meeting and event space, a bookstore, a bike workshop, a free store, a pool table, a printing studio, and free use computers. A mutual-aid food distribution that offers free, nutritious groceries every Sunday. The HEPPAC collective that provides a needle exchange Friday mornings. We also host regularly occurring skillshares in Swahili and Chinese Martial Arts, an Anarchist/Autonomous Person of Color reading group, the Educate to Liberate workshop series, a prisoner letter writing night, and more! We are seeking new volunteers and new proposals for workshops and events, hit us up! These events are open to the public and are free or donation based.
Our bookstore specializes in radical books that are relevant to our communities. We have an excellent selection of books on African liberation, Anarchism, revolutionary movements, critical theory, a choice selection of zines, and some excellent fiction. Come by and read a book, or buy one that you’d like to take home.
We offer instruction on basic bike maintenance and repair. If you need help fixing up your bike or are interested in building one yourself, stop by the bike workshop.

Qilombo Events for Early April -
Below are the Qilombo events for the first half of April! We hope to see you. Remember to check [] for any schedule changes that may happen.

April 5 // Free Jihad! Fundraiser for Comrade Facing Repression
6pm - Midnight
Comrade Jihad Mujahid Muhammad, Minister of Spirituality for the Black Riders Liberation Party, was scheduled to be released last week after being held captive for a year in San Quentin and Folsom Prison. On the day he was supposed to be released, he was transferred to Santa Clara County and arraigned on new trumped-up charges. There will be a screening of the Black Riders Liberation Party documentary “Let Um Hear Ya Coming;” hip-hop performances by Ras Ceylon, Shango Abiola, E Da Ref, Ms. Incredible, and Fly Benzo; a raffle and halal food.

April 6 // Labor, Black and Brown Revolutionary Discussion Series: Women's Liberation and Class Struggle
We will be discussing:
How does exploitation differ from oppression.
How do revolutionaries utilize the wisdom that: “you can judge a society by how the women are treated.”
The historical overthrow of the matriarchy.
Questions or issues that participants want to discuss

April 6 // Sin Fronteras: A Benefit for Mexican Political Prisoners
5pm - 8pm
Come to Qilombo Community Center on Sunday April 6th to hear about support forming for political prisoners in Mexico from people working on various campaigns for political prisoners in Mexico City as well as Soy 132 Bay Area and the support work they are doing for a political prisoner in Guerrero. Hear how these networks of support are formed and help sustain growing resistance across borders.

April 12 // Pachuco Prom
As MEChA De San Pancho, we strive to provide access to higher education to underrepresented and marginalized communities. Xicana/o Grad was created in order to honor and recognize the long journey taken by these graduates to obtain their college degrees, as well as to pay tribute to the families and communities that have helped guide them in their college careers. This event is free to all graduates and their guests, knowing that we come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and do not feel that people should be excluded due to cost.

Here's a glimpse of some of our recurring events!

April 2 // Graffiti Skillshare
Noon - 4pm (recurring weekly)
Come learn graffiti skills from one of our compas, and help bring art onto the walls of Qilombo!

April 2 // Anarchist People of Color Reading Group
8pm - 9:30pm (recurring monthly)

April 4 // Needle Exchange
11:30am - 1:30pm (recurring weekly)
A service provided by HEPPAC.

April 5 // Decolonizing Feminism
Noon - 3pm (recurring weekly)
The decolonizing feminisms study group is an all women of color group. We intent to develop not only a critique of patriarchy in the context of decolonial struggle, but also to formulate steps forward, and ways to implement and put into practice our understanding of what that means.

April 6 // Community Breakfast
11 am - 12:30pm (recurring weekly)
Feeding ourselves and the neighborhood! Free!

April 6 // Mutual Aid Food Program
12:30pm - 3:30pm (recurring weekly)
Come volunteer and/or come take a bag of produce for yourself! Rice and beans are also available for .50c-$1.00 per pound donation!

April 7 // Educate to Liberate
7pm - 9pm (recurring weekly)
BRLP workshop series.

April 11 // Chinese Martial Arts
3pm - 4pm (recurring weekly)
Bagua and Xingyi are two traditional fighting arts which are often taught together. Our class focuses on the self defense and grappling/joint locking applications of the arts. Class involves solo and partner training which are both readily modifiable for people with chronic injuries and other health limitations.

April 12 // Kiswahili Skillshare
3pm - 5pm (recurring weekly)

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