Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eastbay Solidarity Network

Boss or Landlord problems?
We are a mutual support organization of workers and tenants. Together we stand up to unjust bosses and landlords. We win through strategy, struggle, support and solidarity.
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by Jesse from "Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette" []:
The stories of these two families run parallel to those of many Oaklanders these days: working people thrust by an economic crisis caused by the 1% have been denied loan modifications by the very same institutions bailed out by the federal government with billion dollar sums. Then these institutions did their best to foreclose and evict, “losing” reams of financial documentation that proved the families’ abilities to continue to pay on their mortgages at lower monthly rates.
After two account managers and a year of unreturned phone calls, Siaka Cisse turned to the East Bay Solidarity Network to keep his family of six in their Oakland home. Three days before the public auction of the house, Siaka and EBSol targeted the executive officers of Siaka’s lender with a concentrated blast of phone calls demanding that the auction be postponed and that every option be explored to avoid eviction. The next day, EBSol confirmed that the auction had been postponed until April 16th, and that Siaka had received a fresh loan modification package.
Ms. Katie, an Oakland grandmother who has lived in her North Oakland home for 35 years, fought Chase Bank for five years after financial hardship hit. Thanks to two well-attended and public actions organized by the Occupy Oakland Housing Network and Ms. Katie’s family, she is now negotiating a loan modification that will allow her to hold on to her home.
In the absence of ongoing pressure, the banks are likely to change their minds or offer unfavorable terms to the borrowers, terms that could land them in the same situation two years down the road. Both of these victories occurred last week, and both Siaka and Ms. Katie will need our support in the coming weeks to ensure a fair outcome in their negotiations. To get involved, email the East Bay Solidarity Network at and the Occupy Oakland Housing Network at

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