Sunday, March 17, 2013

Santa Cruz Solidarity

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Santa Cruz Solidarity is a collective response to a common problem.
 We are a network of people fighting against mistreatment by bosses and landlords. We are tired of being taken advantage of silently and constantly dealing with every form of disrespect.
 We solve our problems through direct action, putting economic and social pressure on bosses and landlords to get what's ours. We use our power as a group to find solutions, instead of using lawyers or police to help us.
  We are a solidarity group. We've got each others backs, and we make it known that renter and worker abuse will not be tolerated. We aren't a legal group or social service.
 There is no leader of Santa Cruz Solidarity and we make decisions as a group. We are not funded.
 And our work doesn’t end here! We envision a world where power comes from within communities rather than being imposed from without. To this end we hope to unite people to become better at getting what we need.

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