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Black Rider Liberation Party message


When the LA rebellion exploded, mainly because of the savage brutal beating of Rodney King by the racist LAPD, it revealed that young black people trapped in the poverty stricken ghettos had finally come to their African senses, united in a “gang” truce, and rejected taking out on each other their frustration that stemmed from white racism and capitalist oppression. In the past, the outcome of such negative self-hatred resulted in a severe non-violent posture towards the racist police and other government agents of repression. Brothers and sisters who were considered hardcore on the streets would literally start running from just the sight of the racist police. On April 29, 1992, the LAPD started running! After the rebellion, black unity was very strong, so the LAPD began to openly carry M-16 military rifles to try to further intimidate the Black community and tried to destroy every peace gathering in every “hood” in LA!! The times were changing, and the Black Riders were in tune. In 1996 we circulated in Watts, South Central, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Compton and Long Beach, talking to young black brothers and sisters on the need to unite and push our constitutional and human rights, especially our right to have weapons and defend ourselves. Many of them could identify with what the Black Riders were saying, because they had experienced and witnessed so much outlaw gang behavior by the police.

Many of them donated and gave us their legal guns and other self-defense weapons to help us begin the first watch-a-pig program patrols to move against the racist pigs. The fascist police act as an imperialist occupying army like they’re working overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan, monitoring the actions of the neo-colonial poor Black people and swooping in at will, with high-powered guns, to trap and leave as quickly as they came, yet never responding to the real safety needs of the community. Harassment, terror, torture, brutal beatings, drive-by shootings, stop and frisk, and verbal abuse are the standard operating procedures for the police. Regular and sometimes massive sweeps through the Black communities are launched by the various pig forces (including the FBI) and authorized by the racist European ruling class and corrupt high public political officials in the name of trying to fight “crime” and “gang-banging.” Whole blocks have been cordoned off and anyone entering and exiting is questioned. The police consider any Black person, including our children, as a typical criminal suspect or “public enemy!” When it is the paramilitary police who have contributed to the problem of crime and violence through their gang-style responses and their involvement in smuggling drugs and guns into our community. Thus, tight hand cuffs, being shoved into a police car, being slapped with a billy club, kicked between the legs, maced, the use of attack dogs, forced to put one’s hands on top of hot police cars, armored vehicles, battering ram tanks, and suffering humiliating public strip searches all have become part of life for young Black people all over racist AmeriKKa, especially in L.A.

We named our organization the Black Riders Liberation Party and we selected as its symbol the Black panther, in honor of the first Black revolutionary vanguard, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. We chose to resurrect the Black panthers in retaliation, when we learned that our parents and elders were murdered, imprisoned, drugged, brainwashed and exiled in the first Black revolution by the wicked FBI and local police through an evil government secret war program of Counter Intelligence (COINTELPRO). The Black panther is an animal that when it is pressured it moves back until it is cornered, then it comes out fighting for life or death. We felt we had been pushed back long enough and that it was time for poor Black people to come out and take over. During the recruitment periods, we clarify that the party is not racist. We actually oppose all forms of racism, especially when institutionalized to benefit the capitalists.

We wanted to ensure that poor Black people viewed our patrols as positive and helpful to the community. We didn’t want people to see the Black Riders as thuggish, gun toting brothers and sisters without an organized political agenda. We came up with the idea that all Black Riders would wear an updated model of the old Black panther uniform – black berets, and black, gray and white camouflage fatigues, and big black boots! We chose this uniform to make sure that we would not look like or appear to be any black street organization or “hood” in L.A. One of the main goals was to unite all these hoods or groups into fighting for positive revolutionary goals. We want to help establish peace and unity between young Black people still caught up in the Blood and Crip war going on in our community, so we tried to pick a “neutral” color for our New Generation Black panther organization. We also knew that many racist police agencies were directly responsible for the ongoing Blood and Crip war by picking up brothers and sisters in patrol cars and dropping them off in the middle of a “hood” that the individual didn’t get along with. In order for us to be an effective organized force of peacemakers, we realized that we would have to first deal with the historical peace breaker! The Watch-a-pig program was also created to deal with this issue. That is why we continue to seek to confront the real enemy of poor Black people and move the struggle to a higher level, to remove the fear that black people have of the racist police and show them that the enemy is really scared of us as a people.

We began the patrol in 1997 armed with law booklets, video cameras, para-military camouflage fatigues, black berets, bats, knives, black karate skills and any other legal weapon we could get a hold of. We began to monitor the police radio calls, observing arrests as they questioned black people, educating our people about their armed self-defense rights, and offering our services to people who needed a witness against the police in a law suit. Sometimes, we even received urgent cell phone calls from Black people and we would send out a car to the troubled location to watch the pigs. If necessary, we would even follow the racist pigs in their car around the community, bumper to bumper, just to make sure that they would not hurt anyone. We made it clear to all the comrades involved in the program that they should be prepared to do battle only if a racist police officer drew his or her gun or tried to attack us unjustly. We knew that once it started, we may wind up in jail or dead standing up for our people’s rights. This activity captured the hearts and minds of the people. Many young Black people who used to fight each other in the streets united and went out to patrol the demonic police together. That’s what we call real Revolutionary Black Power.

We all felt the compelling urge to finally risk our lives for something positive as opposed to something negative. We launched the first patrols of the police armed with weapons since the original Panthers started in 1966! Without a doubt we had to overcome the life threatening reality associated with the patrols. It took an extreme love for our people to have the heart and courage to police the police. The police killed Black people in cold blood all the time in LA and get away with it calling it “justifiable homicide.” We felt the pigs were a gang of cowards and busters when confronted by organized Black people with knowledge of the law and who were ready to defend themselves by any means necessary. Many of these patrols resulted in bloody combat or confrontation with the pigs and our comrades were framed and sent to jail on trumped up charges. This did not stop our patrols as more people joined our ranks once the police exposed themselves to be nothing but common criminals acting under the color of law. The second Black Revolution had begun and the genie of Black revolutionary violence had once again been let free in Babylon. It would only stop when total freedom was had.

Many old O.G. (original) Black Panthers from LA to New York joined our ranks or supported our programs. They were anxious to get another shot at the oppressor and they wanted to prove that the Black Panther will always live in the hearts and minds of the people. A few of the recently imprisoned Black Panther Eight supported our program while they still prowled the streets. They were framed and arrested Jan. 23, 2007 for a 36-year-old trumped up alleged retaliatory murder of a white police officer. The pig was corrected seven days after the vicious murder of the great Black Panther leader General George Jackson by racist San Quentin prison guards on August 21, 1971. This new critical government attack on these aging O.G. Panther elders will never be forgotten and will be met with an extremely massive political consequence. The Panther Eight must be set free by any means necessary.

We patrol the pigs at random and link it with our other daily movements doing other dangerous political work like trying to educate and raise the African consciousness of young Black people on the street corner to stop tribalism and Black on Black violence. We were careful to keep our patrols within the bounds of the law and this pissed off the pigs even more. Pig brutality was extremely reduced in areas we patrolled. Black people in the community were deeply impressed. The police tried to turn the community against us but it had the opposite effect. The community was proud to see disciplined young Black men and women defend their rights and stand up to the wicked racist AmeriKKKan Empire. Our reputation as fearless freedom fighters grew everywhere. By the year 2007, ten years later, we had successfully grown more sophisticated, and by then patrolled the pigs in Watts, Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood and even Oakland!

We grew more sophisticated mainly because of the support of the poor Black people throughout LA donating everything an oppressed people can to fight back. Our people donated time, advice, rides in their own cars, and pennies, nickels, and dimes to support our programs. Some people literally jumped in line while we watched the pigs and brought their own video camera or camera phone to participate. This happened many times, especially along Crenshaw Blvd. in LA. We bought a “Black Power Van” equipped with high-tech walkie-talkies, video cameras, scanners, lap top computers, binoculars, tasers and other technical equipment needed to fight against police terrorism and educate our people about the need for security against the pigs with an advanced four-wheeled mobile security system operating 24 hours a day, for free!!

Some petty-bourgeois people fail to understand why we collect donations. They are completely stupid to the fact that in the early 20th Century, the great Black leader Marcus Garvey created black owned enterprises by collecting donations of nickels and dimes. More than a hundred thousand black people came out in 1919 in New York to see Garvey launch the Black Star Steam Ship Line. We as a people all collectively owned those gigantic ships and that was a beautiful thing in the past. Now we as a people must prepare and be ready for the future.

We have helped to create many positive food, clothing, shelter survival programs, and many small “gang” truces around Los Angeles and in many jails. We have also been to many speaking engagements, unity meetings and demonstrations for the people in the last 11 years of our existence as a new Black panther organization. Yet the brutal government assassination of Stanley “Tookie” Williams had a serious impact on our grass roots organizing efforts to bring the masses of our people back into political life. Through his book and other articles he wrote, Tookie taught us that Black on Black violence must be prevented on the spot before it happens, through conflict resolution by a respected, reasonable, revolutionary African minded mediator. It is impossible to count all the times our organization has stood between two armed hostile factions and helped to bring about peace and Black on Black love.

Tookie’s message of Black Unity had ultimately struck a chord in the hearts of young Black people, so the government moved quickly to silence that message. I led a delegation of 20 militant Black Riders soldiers to City Hall and to Schwarzenegger’s office at the Ronald Reagan building in downtown LA in the fight to save him from execution, and helped to bring national and international TV and media attention to his case. We exposed to the world that the racist death penalty was being used by corrupt politicians as a weapon of assassination. Governor fake terminator Schwarzenegger has gone on record saying that one of the main reasons why he murdered Tookie was because Tookie had dedicated his book to many different O.G. Black Panther leaders, especially general George Jackson. We also launched a militant demonstration outside of Tookie’s funeral when the racist LAPD tried to set up military barricades around the proceedings. We felt this was the height of disrespect, so we engaged in numerous tense clashes and confrontations with the pigs to clear a path for Black people to enter the funeral and pay their respects. Many Bloods and Crips showed up at the funeral to show their support for Tookie.

The Black Riders Liberation Party was born in a period of stress, when black people were moving away from the philosophy and strategy of non-violent actions being pushed by neo-colonial puppet fake black leaders who encouraged us as a people to hold in our anger and pain from white racist oppression. This causes us to take out the explosive frustration on each other through tribalism instead of unleashing it on our real enemy. We dare to believe that we could offer the community a permanent political vehicle that would serve their needs and advocate their interests. We have met many foes; we have seen many enemies, we have been slandered, kidnapped, gagged, jailed, raided, and murdered. When the enemy strikes out at you blindly, crushing you right and left if he possibly can, then you know you are doing everything right! We now know more than ever before, that the will of the people is greater than the technology and repression of those who are against the interests of the people. Therefore we know that we can and will continue to serve and educate the people. Bulletproof love, thanks and appreciation goes out to all the brothers and sisters on the block who have supported the struggle. Hollow point bullets are sent to all the snitches, sell-outs, pig boot licking house nigga’s, especially the ones that roam the streets. THE RACIST DOG POLICEMEN MUST IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW FROM OUR COMMUNITY, OR FACE THE WRATH OF AN ARMED PEOPLE!!

He who does not fear the death of a thousand cuts will dare to unseat the emperor! Long Live the Guerrilla! Power to the People who Don’t Fear Freedom!
--General T.A.C.O., Black Riders Liberation Party

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