Wednesday, July 31, 2013

National Brown Berets de Aztlan (Modesto, Califas chapter)

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Photo on the cover of "Turning the Tide" newspaper, 2013-10, showing the historic march to the Compton City Hall for Black and Brown Unity! Black Riders - New Generation Black Panthers reconnects with the National Brown Berets.

"Brown Berets de Aztlan: New Modesto Chapter"
announcement from “Xicano Vince”, posted at the "Revolutionary Hip-Hop Report" []:
As the original Brown Beret organization, the Brown Berets de Aztlan are the only Berets who have been organizing for 40+ years. We are, and have been, a Revolutionary group of Chican@s and Mexican@s that stand up for the rights of our people in any way we can.
We are currently setting up a new chapter here in Modesto, Califas. Groups like the Brown Berets de Aztlan are needed now more than ever with the ongoing oppression that our people are facing on a daily basis such as police brutality and harassment, I.C.E raids and deportations, the struggle for farmworker’s rights, educating the youth on their true history and true enemies, as well as many other issues on a national scale. If this sounds like something that you would like to be involved in, give us a call, or email, JOIN UP! THE TIME IS NOW! STAND UP FOR YOUR GENTE!

Yo no soy mexicano. Yo no soy gringo. Yo no soy chicano. No soy gringo en USA y mexicano en Mexico. Soy chicano en todas partes. No tengo que asimilarme a nada. Tengo mi propia historia.” — Carlos Fuentes, founder

Brown Berets de SacrAztlan (Autonomous chapter)

Designed by Greg Irons, who offers them as posters to fundraise for the Brown Berets of SacrAztlan [] (2013-12-19).