Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Berets of San Jose

A Walk for Peace and Unity 
 Saturday, March 23 2013 @ 6 AM- 2 PM
Lincoln High School, 555 Dana Ave, San Jose 
This is an event to create solidarity among community organizers & to send a message for peace to the streets.
 We will begin with a sunrise ceremony (6 a.m.) at Lincoln High School site of the first Barrios Unidos conference during which we will have an opening prayer by a youth and an elder, a woman and man. The purpose of the sunrise ceremony is to focus our intent and prayer for peace, following the ceremony we will gather up for the walk. We plan on arriving at Mexican Heritage Plaza around noon where we will end the walk with a sacred pipe ceremony and some Mexica (Aztec) dance performed by Calpulli Tonalequeh. We will end the event with some speakers and performers during which we will provide food and refreshments; we hope to finish by 2 p.m.
 Start 6 a.m. Lincoln High School: 555 Dana Ave. San Jose, CA 95126
 End 12 noon Mexican Heritage Plaza: 1700 Alum Rock Ave San Jose, CA 95116
 This event is sponsored by The Black Berets por la Justicia

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