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"4th International", it's tendencies, and other adherents of the teachings of Leon Trotsky

The "4th International Congress of Communist Parties", it's factions, tendencies, and other adherents of the teachings of Leon Trotsky, Lenin, and Marx & Engels, are on the forefront of expanding the Power of the Working class, sovereign of state or monpolist power! The "4th International" specifically upholds the teachings of Leon Trotsky, who remains popular as he managed to form an international of active thinkers who can formulate an alternative to capitalism, especially "state capitalism".

"The Chair Leg of Truth" commentary website [coreyansel.wordpress.com]
The Chair Leg of Truth is a blog for the clarification and distillation of the political tradition of Trotskyism.  Our forces are in disarray.  If history repeats itself, as Marx put it, first as tragedy and then as farce, then we are living in the era of the pathetic.  Our blog seeks to contribute to the commentary on the left and Marxist theory on the basis of political program.  We seek to contribute to the ongoing fight to reforge Bolshevik parties around the world that Lenin and Trotsky would call their own, as part of a reforged Fourth International, world party of socialist revolution.    And we will tell you things that will make you laugh and we will tell you things that make you uncomfortable and we will tell you things that will make you really fucking angry and we will tell you things that no one else is telling you.  What we don’t do is bullshit you.    Editor: Corey Ansel; Assistant Editor: Cameron Fortin

International Communist League
* ICL Declaration of Principles [icl-fi.org/english/icldop/index.html]
* ICL Periodicals and Directory [icl-fi.org/directory/index.html]
* Prometheus Research Library [prl.org]
* Spartacist League/U.S. [icl-fi.org]
* Workers Vanguard [icl-fi.org/english/wv/index.html]

Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism
[www.HumanistsForRevolutionarySocialism.org] [humanistworkers@ymail.com] [www.facebook.com/pages/Humanists-for-Revolutionary-Socialism/80134436166]

2013-05-03 "Class Society and the State, a study based on 'State and Revolution' by Lenin"
presented by Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism
Sunday, May 5, 4:00pm to 7:00pm, Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
6501 Telegraph Ave., Oakland (just north of Alcatraz Ave.)
Free and open to the public; donation for room rental requested
Have you ever wondered about questions like these:
* What is the most effective way to organize our communities to fight back against police killings, brutality, and repression?
* Why are some people arguing that we need to organize Labor, Black, and Brown defense guards against police attacks? Why is that better than calling for police review boards and criminal trials for killer cops?
* What do people mean by the independent self-organization of the working class?
* What can we learn from the Russian workers’ successful overthrow of the Czar’s repressive regime in 1917 that will help us in our fight against police brutality today?
If you’re intrigued by these questions, let’s learn from one another! Come to our series of class discussions, contribute your thoughts, and hear about ours.
Throughout this class series, we will encourage in-depth analysis and participatory learning. The classs will begin with a presentation, followed by an open discussion as lively as the participants can make it! The first session will address questions such as:
* The origins of class society and the class nature of the state
* The need for “self-acting armed organization of the population” to confront and defeat the state’s “special bodies of armed men”
* The characteristics of a workers’ state under the “dictatorship of the proletariat”
Before attending the first session, please read the first chapter of State and Revolution, which is available for free online at [http://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/staterev/ch01.htm]

"Red Rave" Liaison Committee

red rave is the loud mouth of members of the Communist Workers' Group of Aotearoa/New Zealand
(Member of the "Leninist/Trotskyist Fraction") [geocities.com/communistworker], committed to building a new communist international to lead workers to the revolutionary overthrow of global capitalism. Until March 2010 a member of the "Internationalist Leninist/Trotskyist Fraction (FLTI)". Now in a Liaison Committee with the "Communist Workers' Group (USA)" and "Revolutionary Workers' Group (Zimbabwe)".

"Class Warrior: Theoretical Journal of the Liaison Committee of Communists" V1 N1 [cwgusa.wordpress.com/class-warriortheoretical-journal-of-liaison-committee-of-communists].
Articles from Class Warrior  V1 N1  include:
* "The Restoration of Capitalism in China: A Marxist critique of the process of the CCP’s counter-revolution" [scribd.com/doc/137690415/The-Restoration-of-Capitalism-in-China-A-Marxist-critique-of-the-the-process-of-the-CCP-s-counter-revolution]
* "Rebooting Lenin" [livingmarxism.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/rebooting-lenin]

"Class War: Journal of the CWG (USA)" V1 N4 [scribd.com/doc/137637476/Class-War-Vol-1-No-4]

"Revolutionary Tendency of the Socialist Party (RTSP)" 
Steven Argue, Organizer for the Revolutionary Tendency, writes:
We are now seeing the effects of global warming, and it will continue to get much worse. (2012-08-03 "James Hansen: Climate change has arrived, and it’s worse than predicted" [sanpablobayepa.blogspot.com/2012/08/2012-08-03-james-hansen-climate-change.html])
Meanwhile, the Democrats and Republicans are in the back pockets of the fossil fuel industries and they are united in doing nothing, Obama included.
The Revolutionary Tendency of the Socialist Party calls for, "the nationalization of the gas, oil, coal, and auto industries to carry out immediate emergency measures to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions," and we further state: "As the current crisis of capitalism threatens the break-down all that is left that is civil in our society, the Democrats charge ahead with the Republicans in making sure it is the poor, the working class, and the planet, who pay for the crisis of capitalism, not capitalist profits. The alternative to socialist revolution becomes increasingly clear as capitalist society becomes less and less able to take care of its people; climate change caused by capitalist greed becomes an increasing threat to the future of human civilization; the capitalist state becomes increasingly repressive; and the leading capitalist countries plunge the world into war after war of imperialist domination and conquest. As the great German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg said in 1918, the alternatives are socialism or barbarism."
Global warming; never ending imperialist war; increased capitalist exploitation; an ever decreasing standard of living for the working class; a lack of access to housing, employment, health care, and education; racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia; police brutality; and blatant corruption in the highest offices of the capitalist owned government, banks, and corporations.
And what solution do the capitalists and their government offer? Bigger bonuses for those who rule, austerity and repression to shut the rest of us up.
The liberal solution? Whine, beg, complain, and vote for the “lesser” evil. Has that ever worked?
Our solution? Strikes, general strikes, proletarian revolution, and workers democracy.
Our biggest weapons at the present time? The truth, our historic program, and the building of a revolutionary workers party.

Trotsky Cat wears the red-colored glasses!

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