Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oscar Grant Committee against Police Brutality and State Repression


The Oscar Grant Committee(OGC) provides political support to community members and victims of police brutality. In so doing, we seek to stimulate the community and workers, particularly the most oppressed and most conscious sectors, to build organization, mass-movements, and political power!
MISSION: The OGC's primary focus and activity centers on the struggle against police brutality and state repression. The mission of the OGC is to mobilize all concerned people, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or legal status against all manifestations of police brutality and misconduct. Therefore, we believe that the road to the mass-struggle is the only effective and meaningful road to victory in the struggle against police brutality, such as mass marches, demonstrations, forums, etc. Maintaining a multi-racial organization and base is paramount. The ruling class has a history of staging racial provocations that polarize working people along race lines. This is why we raise the slogan: not black against white, but class against class. Our natural allies and base are composed of the black and brown communities, the labor movement, and social justice activists. The OGC emerged from the struggle to organize with the International Longshoremen's Union (ILWU) labor black protest and work stoppage (10-23—2010) in support of justice for Oscar Grant. This was the first time that labor in the US went on strike in response to the murder of a young black man by the police.
    The current American capitalist state and administration is an organ for maintaining the class rule of the bosses against the workers and oppressed. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are agents for capital and run the current American state. Thus, the Democratic Party has proven time and again to be a graveyard for social movements. Groups who have collaborated with this party have been housebroken and diverted from their goals, ending up in the scrapheap of history. In essence, that is the designed role of the Democratic Party, namely, to corrupt, destroy or tame all protests against the system. The necessary conclusion to be drawn from such historic lessons is that the OGC does not engage in class collaboration and does not rely on capitalist politicians.
STRATEGY: The OGC undertakes principled united fronts: we are prepared to work with any group, individual, or organization insofar as they do genuine grass roots' work against police brutality and state repression. For instance, there may be anarchists or liberals who will work with us on a case where a particular individual has been the victim of police brutality without necessarily agreeing with our position that the state is a tool for maintaining the rule of the capitalist class. The OGC firmly holds that photographing police in action is not a crime. It is a right and duty that we have as U.S. citizens. We pay very close attention to the police restricting citizens from observing and filming them. This is the essence of the Oscar Grant Case. The latter is certainly a case of police misconduct and state repression and we will defend those individuals whose right to observe and photograph police have been denied.

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