Saturday, May 11, 2013

ONYX Committee (Oakland)

Cat Brooks, ONYX co-chair

SAT. MAY 11th ONYX launches "Just the Facts Door Knocking" campaign and "Hands Off Assata/Welcome Home GP":
Many of you may know by now that this weekend, ONYX is hosting two events. The first is a door knocking training as preparation for our Just the Facts Door Knocking Campaign:
The Just the Facts Door Knocking campaign is designed to paint a clearer picture about policing in communities of color by presenting facts about recent abuse, corruption and murder by police. We hope to begin to shift the conversation away from cops as our only option for safety and start a conversation that is led by the people about alternatives. We will also begin to put information about police brutality into the hands of the people most impacted and grow the movement so that we have a mass of people demanding and ensuring that police brutality in our neighborhoods comes to an end.
Every 1st Saturday, ONYX will be conducting a door-to-door information campaign, talking to the people and empowering them with accurate information.
Join us Saturday from 2-4 at the Hold Out. The training will be led by our comrade and ally, MXGM member, Sanyika Bryant.
The second event is a Hands Off Assata/Welcome Home GP POT LUCK BBQ at Lil Bobby Hutton Park from 3-8. []
So many of you were so supportive of us and our comrade when the state locked him down - we would love for you to join us on this day of fellowship and continued resistance.
In solidarity and struggle, Cat

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