Monday, June 16, 2014

New Africa, Unite! Face The Enemy... Head On!

2014-06-16 [], by General T.A.C.O. (Taking All Capitalists Out), founder and coordinator for the Black Rider Liberation Party (BRLP):

Picture a hot summer day in South Central Los Angeles, news reports interrupt the normally scheduled program with an emergency flash across the TV screen. The notorious trigger-happy LAPD just gunned down another defenseless Black child in the heart of the ghetto for nothing other than the officers falsely assuming that the supposed “suspect” had a gun. The officers, equipped with numerous less-lethal and lethal high-powered weapons, once again crossed the line and chose to use deadly force against a Black civilian for being armed with a mere black cell phone. More information will be given during the News at 11:00 PM...

The TV screen is immediately turned off. A highly secret organized system of communication begins. All across Southern California, formerly hostile young Black men and women from the lumpen-proletariat warrior class brief to the tragic incident. This so-called justifiable homicide is not justified to them. The war drums beat louder and louder in their hearts as the information is passed around and down the rigid chain of command. The unification that binds them together is a bulletproof Black Love forged and steeled from an extreme knowledge of their African history and the savage white racist, capitalist oppression of over four hundred years. Outwardly they appear to be average Black youth, a part of the Hip Hop generation, until put under close examination and you notice the military discipline in their every movement. Only when they shed the XXXL T-shirts and oversized baggy sagging pants into Black berets, leather jackets, camouflage pants, and big Black boots will anyone really notice this POWERFUL armed Black Revolutionary organization. This extraordinary transformation in their appearance will take place when the coded messages reach the bottom of the rank and file membership and flow back up to the top of the Democratic Centralized structure. Soldiers who embody the undying loyalty to the new Black Liberation struggle emerge from cars, homes, low-income projects and off numerous street corners, clubs, college campuses. All of them are hard-faced, tough, and love their people!

This display of strength and unity among former "gang" banging young Blacks puzzles and shocks most people, especially the racist barbarian LAPD. This is something new, powerful and amazing to them. They had a long history of dealing with Blacks, and nothing was better known than the disunity, misguided rage, and animosity of one group toward another. How was this DEEP spectacle of many different "tribal" individuals forming solid disciplined lines of unity under a Black leader to be explained? This was seen as a very real threat to the fascist Amerikkkan state. This Black unity will inspire massive Black Power, which, of course, will reduce white power and its domination of the whole earth. These formerly disunited individuals are now unified under my generalship, and we have opened a full-scale war against the evil forces of oppression, aimed at driving them out of every Black community in the US. The successful Black Panther military tactics of Huey Newton and the great General George Jackson are remembered and followed: careful, unhurried training and political organization; the secret movement of troops in small groups in different directions, all assembling at a stated time and place near enemy pig strongholds; then swift-moving, generally surprise attacks by different people on different centers of white supremacy. These operations took years of tedious and dangerous organizing in every hostile tribal area to build.

The real reason for the series of victories over the racist enemy is our extensive knowledge of revolutions on the planet, and our battle tested make up from growing up in the neo-colonial "Concrete Vietnam” of the Los Angeles gangland. We are now reaching out to other young Black Africans throughout the world because we realize that L.A. is not the only Black community that has been ravaged by the government created Black on Black violent crime. The fascist state smuggled drugs and guns into our communities to keep us fighting each other instead of attacking them like during the late 1960's and early 1970's. These were just some of the weapons and tactics used to destroy the old Black liberation movement.

We have begun to change the Black on Black violent criminal mentality into a Black Revolutionary mentality. The so-called Lost Generation X is now beginning to morph into Generation Malcolm X!

General T.A.C.O., Black Riders, new generation Black Panther Party for Self-Defense...
BLACK POWER! All Power to the People!

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