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In honor of Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali, warrior of the Republic of New Africa

Also known as Fahiym "RBG" Ali, he was a Pan-African organizer working on uniting the vanguards of New Afrika. Fahiym overstood that you ride together in peace against the enemy, or you are alone without allies.

Posted 2014-05-27 by Fahiym "RBG" Ali at []:
Agitate until we create a stable society that benefits all our people.
Instigate the nation until we remedy the injustices of society.
Motivate our people to set a meaningful path for the coming generations.
Educate our people to free our minds and develop an Afrikan consciousness.
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Free The Land, New Afrikans, Land is the basis of Independence! Abibifahodie is The Way! Revolution is The Solution! Panther Luv wrapped in Black Power! Uhuru!
- quotes from Amos Wilson:
To manipulate history is to manipulate consciousness; to manipulate consciousness is manipulate possibilities; and to manipulate possibilities is to manipulate power.
Laws in and of themselves will not protect us; laws are words written on paper; laws protect no one… Ultimately, it means that we can only protect our rights and interests as people, not through laws written by other people and laws enforced by other people, but through the power to prevent other people from having their way with us.
We must understand the tremendous value of the study of history for the regaining of power. If our education is not about gaining real power, we are being mis-educated and misled and we will die “educated” and misled.
The study of history cannot be a mere celebration of those who struggle on our behalf. We must be instructed by history and should transform history into concrete reality, into planning and development, into the construction of power and the ability to ensure our survival as a people. If not, Black history month becomes an exercise in the inflation of egos; it becomes an exercise that cuts us further off from reality.
There are those of us who are made ashamed of our history of enslavement, who are made ashamed by the distorted presentation of Afrikan history, are made to think that prior to slavery we were essentially culturally invisible and savage and only achieved visibility and civility when the European came on the scene. Many of us attempt to repress any knowledge of our slave experience. But we should heed the fact that a person and people who suffer from social amnesia live lives that are determined by fear, anxiety, terror and trauma. When we attempt to escape our history because we are afraid of it, when we escape knowledge because it terrifies and makes us feel ashamed, then it is terror and fear and shame that determines our lives. We then live, not in terms of reality and in terms of the integration of our reality but in terms of what we are afraid of, i.e., what we are ashamed of, what we are trying to hide, what we are trying not to confront ourselves with. Life is then lived in terms of denial, in terms of escape and addiction. Many of the murders, deaths and much of the destruction that we see in our communities today are the result of people trying to escape history, and reality.
- All Power Thru The People! Revolutionary Luv!

"In Memory of Fahiym RBG Ali"
Posted 2014-05-27 by Ali علي Fate Harris at []:
You work with some group or organization on the mission? If so, yes, continue to fight. If not, join onto a group on the mission. Make it more than words in this mans, among many, honor. To speak on this means its gotta be more than sweet words. Works#

Early on Tuesday evening, May 27th, the New Black Panther Party was stunned beyond words to learn that their promising and much loved national minister of information Fahiym ‘RBG’ Ali had been senselessly gunned down in his Florida community.
Apparently, Ali was gunned down in a drive-by after having had a minor altercation earlier with a stranger! Emergency medical personnel were unable to save the stalwart consciousness-raising warrior at a nearby hospital.
Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali was also serving as the chairman of the People’s Convention Center of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika and as a New Afrikan Legionnaire at the time of his death.
He was only 41.
“I would like to believe that the person who did this had no idea who our brother was, or else he likely would not have done it,” said Zayid Muhammad, the Party’s national minister of culture, who is also a gun violence survivor.
“The loss of our brother to this senseless violence should serve as an indicator to all that no one is immune to this plague.
“Most upsettingly is that we truly need young men like Fahiym in the trenches of our communities, using their survivals, their courage and their knowledge to turn this thing around,” finished Muhammad.
Ali was among the soldiers of the New Black Panther Party who withstood physically provocative Texas Rangers in Jasper, Texas just weeks ago protesting the lynching of Alfred Wright.
It must also be noted that Ali was slain on the birth anniversary of Emmitt Till, the Chicago teen whose savage lynching in Mississippi in 1955 actually became a galvanizing factor in the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement. Ali was working with the Panthers on a special demonstration to be held at the U.S. Justice Department on August 28th, to mark the anniversary of Till’s lynching.
"Our flag will be at half mast for this brother whom we loved," said Krystal Muhammad, the Party's national chair...
2012-10 photograph with Fahiym "RBG" Ali at a local gathering in Miami with the "Peoples Collective", a non-denominational group For Upliftment of The People. Citizens in the collective come from all schools of KOS, so its a "COLLECTIVE" that makes up a mastermind, for neighborhood book ciphers, neighborhood clean-ups, and various hands-on community outreach projects. It's an honor to be in such a cipher.

2014-05-25 with NBPP cadre in Miami

With Black Rider Liberation Party - Miami chapter.

2014-06-02 message from E Da Ref, Min. Public Relations for the Black Riders Liberation Party - Oakland Chapter []:
On May 27th 2014 The Minister of Information of The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and Chairman of the Peoples Convention Center of The Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika (PCC PG-RNA), Fahiym Olugbala Ali was brutally assassinated in the streets of Miami, FL.
He recently held down the front line in a standoff and physical altercation with the pig ranger sheriffs in front of a pig department on Highway 190 West in Jasper TX during The National Rally for Justice for Alfred Wright demonstration.
He also helped organize and launch numerous community outreach missions with a few of our comrades the Miami Chapter of The Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP) through some of the roughest Miami neighborhoods like; Overtown, Liberty City, Pork N’ Beans Projects and Little Haiti.
He was allegedly gunned down in a drive by shooting after a minor altercation. The Emergency medical personal was unable to save the brother at a nearby hospital. However we don’t think this explanation is that simple in this situation. We don’t think the murder of Bro. Fahiym Ali is a coincidence. We will not be naïve enough to fall for the fallacy being portrayed which leads some of us to come to a false assumption/conclusion that this incident was just simply Black on Black genocide as usual. We don’t buy it!
We believe this is a vicious repressive COINTELPRO attack against the new generation African Liberation Movement commonly known as the RBG movement. Whenever someone with a revolutionary charged background dies, let alone murdered, we should never write it off as a common coincidence. Our assassination alarms should instantly sound off in our psyche.
Let’s not forget just 3 months ago, Veteran Elder Vice President of RNA and Mayor elect Jackson MI; Chokwe Lumumba, just passed away of a mysterious death by “unknown natural causes”. You can call it a conspiracy if you wish. We call it a continuous constructed connection of counter-revolutionary attacks and attempt to neutralize the struggle for African Liberation.
Bro. Fahiym was a fierce fighter for New Afrikan Nationalism and Independence. He was also very interested in developing an understanding of Black Riders Ideology of Revolutionary African Inter-Communalism to come to a common ground and achieve common objectives in our struggle for total liberation and self-determination of African communities all over the globe.
Agitate until we can create a stable societythat benefits all our people. Instigate the nation until we remedy the injustices of society.
Motivate our people to set a meaningful path for the coming generations.
Educate our people to free our minds and develop an Afrikan consciousness.” –Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali
Our brother, warrior, and comrade in the struggle has transitioned to the realm of eternity. The furious lashing out of our enemy shows their fear and weakness. It just shows us how effective the methods we are using to liberate ourselves are. Let the spirit of his Revolutionary Ideas and commitment live on in the minds and hearts of the people. As he joins our ancestors in the afterlife, let not the blood, sweat, tears, struggle and sacrifice go in vain. ASE!

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